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(11) Trad.: "[...] Il pastore Alari / riprese il vaso; e lentamente, al crepuscolo, / se ne ando dalla casa [...]" (Mireio).
Antico is the nickname of Pier Jacopo Alari Bonacolsi (c.
FRONT ROW, FROM LEFT: Adam Alderman (Paralympic powerlifting), Rebecca Downie (artistic gymnastics), Terry Bywater (Paralympic wheelchair basketball), Xander Alari -Williams (swimming), Laurence Halsted (fencing), Ben Quilter (Paralympic judo), Mark Nesbitt (archery), Will Bayley (Paralympic table tennis), Zoe Smith (weightlifting)
(R) I 80% + + + + + + + + - - 7 Sewel) (D) 30% - + - + - - + - - - ALARI Ay Young, D.
Buna gore pulmoner arter tarafindaki sarmal sayisi 1.4 uzerindeki olgularda %77 ozgulluk ve %85 duyarlilik ile akciger perfuzyon sintigrafisinde bozulma ongdrulebilmektedir (ROC egrisi altindaki alari (EAA) 0.804, %95GA 0.661-0.947, p<0.001).
He notes that one of his personal favorite blends is a combination of beans from Yemen and Alari, supposedly Thomas Jefferson's favorite coffee.
At the same time, Cotabato City police head Senior Superintendent Willie Dangane said that Karadji Alari, 32, was caught carrying explosives in Cotabato City on Thursday.
Phil McGraham, Alari Mahdi, and John Heaven Peter Tudor, Ian Binks, Annette King, and Mustafa Shekvet Mark Bladdon and Raj Mack, Digital Birmingham Coun Paul Tilsley and Dr David Hardman, Aston Science Park Anut Bhasker, Matthew Hibberley, and Dennis Patel Toni Frost, Kate Eccles, and Lisa Smith Alex Clarke, Fred Bromwich, and Phil Roocroft
The soil used for GRA consists of unlikely ingredients such as sawdust, hay, coconut fibers, and treated sand or volcanic rocks heated at specific temperatures, says agriculture professor Osama El-Beheiry, head of the Arid Land Agricultural Research Institute (ALARI) at Ain Shams University, the body which has officially adopted this method since its inception.Aa