AM0Air Mass Zero (solar radiation spectrum)
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The AM0.2-2HA antenna is fabricated from aluminum to provide a rugged, corrosion-resistant construction.
To investigate the technical applicability of the PMMA lens for the solar-energy collection system, the transmittance of the PMMA lens, the spectral features of the halogen lamp light source, and the Si solar cell with respect to the air mass zero (AM0) environment used in the power-measurement test were analyzed, as these features are strongly related to the power generation efficiency of the proposed system in the solar wavelength spectrum on-orbit.
Caption: Figure 10: Spectral characteristics of the PMMA lens, solar cells, and halogen lamp with respect to AM0 solar irradiation.
One basic unit is able to generate 0.166 W of output power with nominal cell efficiency 27% under AM0 illumination.
David Kuperberg, CPM, president of Cooper Square Realty, AM0, and Greater New York Chapter No.