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AM1Austin Model One
AM1Air Mass one equal to 100W/cm2
AM1Aircraft Structural Mechanic First Class (Naval rating)
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Table-4: Some values such as bond lengths, bond angles and dihedral angles obtained by PM3, AM1 and MNDO with HyperChem-8 computational programs.
Portuguese securitisations can achieve a maximum rating of 'AAsf', six notches above Portugal's Issuer Default Rating (IDR) of 'BBB.' Consequently, AM1's class A and B notes and AM2's class A notes are capped at 'AAsf'.
It is based on the fact that the voltage modulator by the way of adding the voltages and frequencies of the phase branches of the rotors of the machines of the modulator forms the total voltage of the modulus form, the filling frequency of which is proportional to the frequency of rotation of the rotors of the modulator machines and the number of their pairs of poles (rotors of AM1 and AM2 are placed on one shaft with ASG), and the modulation frequency is determined by the frequency of two-zone slip.
LN: longitud de los nasales; LFI: longitud de los foramenes incisivos; LP: longitud del paladar; PP: puente del paladar; AR: ancho del rostro; AI: ancho interorbital; APC: ancho de placa cigomatica; SMS: longitud de serie molar superior; LM: longitud de la mandibula; ARs: altura del ramus; SMI: longitud de serie molar inferior; AM1, AM2, AM3, Am1, Am2, y Am3: ancho de primer, segundo y tercer molar superior e inferior respectivamente.
Waheed further stated that NAFA is the only Asset Management Company in the country that is managing over Rs 100 billion of investors' money, and has achieved an AM1 rating, in its eleventh year of operation.
All the Quantum chemical calculations are carried out at Restricted Hartree-Fock (RHF), by spin pairing case using AM1, PM3, MNDO, MINDO/3, and INDO semiempirical methods and SCF (iteration limit = 50) using Hyperchem 8.0.10 windows program implemented on the Intel core i7 laptop.
Figure 5(b) shows the current-voltage (I-V) simulation results of different optimized structure-based devices under AM1.5G solar spectrum illumination.
Accordingly, it demonstrates that optimizing ARC by minimizing [R.sub.e] is more convenient under the AM1.5 conditions.
The formation heats ([H.sub.f]) and the total energies (TE) of the ligands and monoprotonated species were calculated by semiempirical AM1 and PM3 methods.
The commercial herbicide formulation was applied to the surface of two types of soil, a sandy textured (AM1) and a medium clayey textured soil (AM2).
Theoretical work on [In.sub.x][Ga.sub.1-x]N has shown potential efficiencies of 42% for a double junction, 49% for a triple junction, and 53% for a quad-layer PV device under 1 sun illumination with an AM1.5 spectrum [19].