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AM1Air Mass one equal to 100W/cm2
AM1Austin Model One
AM1Aircraft Structural Mechanic First Class (Naval rating)
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Waheed further stated that NAFA is the only Asset Management Company in the country that is managing over Rs 100 billion of investors' money, and has achieved an AM1 rating, in its eleventh year of operation.
En el AM1 se capturaron 3 811 ejemplares identificados en 33 familias y 179 especies/ morfoespecies, de las cuales 27 (15.
Las estructuras de todos los reactivos y productos fueron optimizadas y en la Tabla 1 se reportan los valores de longitudes de enlace, angulos de enlace, angulos diedros obtenidos como resultado de la aplicacion del metodo DFT y las energias (E) expresadas en kcal/mol calculadas mediante el metodo AM1, de los reactivos y productos a saber: Acetamida, N-metilacetamida, Benzamida, N-metilbenzamida, metilamina, acido acetico y acido benzoico, que intervienen en cada una de las reacciones motivo de estudio.
Microscopic agglutination titer of patients' sera collected while hospitalized and during the convalescent phase Patient serum Leptospira strain used Convalescent- Patient as antigen * Hospitalized phase 1 Serovar Grippotyphosa Moskva V <50 100 Animal isolate AM3 <50 800 Animal isolate AM1 <50 800 2 Serovar Grippotyphosa Moskva V <50 200 Animal isolate AM3 <50 200 * Samples were not reactive to a panel of representative serovars, Australis, Autumnalis, Carlos, Bataviae, Cynopteri, Hebdomadis, Copenhageni, Icterohemorrhagiae, Javanica, Pomona, Pyrogenes, Hardjo, Sejroe, Wolffi, and Tarassovi; serovars Canalzonae, Huanuco, Muelleri, and Valbuzzi belong to serogroup Grippotyphosa.
It was all learn as you go," said AM1 (AW/SW) John Ladd, one of the instructors "We had to run through the course and see if we could teach it, and then critique it.
The semiempirical AM1 and PM3 methods give the same complexation energy order as ab initio and DFT calculations, while the differences between complexation energies of different anions do not follow those calculated at higher levels so closely.
On the RxL, significant cross-reactivities occurred consistently (at two or three of the three evaluation sites) with metabolites AM9, AM1, and AM4N, whereas significant, consistent cross-reactivities occurred with metabolites AM9, AM19, AM1, AM1c, AM4N, and AM4n9 on the TDx.
The WaveStar AM1 is a new-generation system that enables the provision of telephony and multimedia services in metropolitan optical networks, as well as IP access over optical fibre.
Similar test results have been reached for single-crystal materials such as AM1 alloy, high-temperature organic composites based on C fiber, and PMR15 resin, according to Eric Bachelet, Snecma's materials research manager.
For AM1, Fitch's analysis indicates that the transaction has not been adversely affected by insufficient provisioning; however, Fitch understands that this transaction is under review by the servicer.