AMABAl Minhad Air Base (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
AMABAssociazione Mediterranea Agricoltura Biologica (Italian: Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Association)
AMABAssociazione Marchigiana per l'Agricoltura Biologica (Italian: Marchigiana Association for Organic Farming)
AMABAssociazione Medici Agopuntori Bolognesi (Italian: Medical Association Acupuncturists Bolognesi)
AMABAssigned Male at Birth (transgender)
AMABAncient Monuments Advisory Board (UK)
AMABArctic Marine Advisory Board (Canada)
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Next, the strips were transferred to the PBST solution for 3 min and were dipped in the conjugate suspension (PBST supplemented with the aMAb conjugate with an optical density of 0.5 at 520 nm [[A.sub.520]] for 3 min.
[4,5] Furthermore, it is known that many of the irreversible effects of hormone therapy take significant periods of time to develop--notably: breast growth (onset 3-6 months; maximal effect 2-3 years) in AMAB patients, and scalp hair loss (onset <12 months; maximal effect variable), clitoral enlargement (onset 3-6 months; maximal effect 1-2 years), deepened voice (onset 3-12 months; maximal effect 1-2 years) and facial hair growth (onset 3-6 months; maximal effect 3-5 years) in AFAB patients.
En tal sentido, lo que buscaba la AMAB era planificar el ordenamiento fisico de los municipios integrantes, para llevar a cabo un uso racional del suelo rural y urbano que permitiera una optimizacion de los recursos existentes y una integracion de los servicios publicos, regulando el crecimiento urbano de los municipios y disminuyendo los costos sociales de dicho proceso.
(37.) See Amab Acharya, Ana Fuzzo de Lima, and Mick Moore, "Aid Proliferation: How Responsible Are the Donors?" Working Paper No.
AmMetLife is a JV formed in April 2014 between AMMB Holdings Berhad's (AmBank Group) wholly-owned subsidiary, AMAB Holdings SdnBhd and MetLife, Inc.'s wholly-owned subsidiary, MetLife International Holdings Inc.
AMMB Holdings Berhad's (AmBank Group) wholly-owned subsidiary, AMAB Holdings Sdn Bhd, and MetLife, Inc.'s subsidiary, MetLife International Holdings, Inc.
AMAB reference style is based largely on Vancouver style.
THERE was a strange silence over Nigellagate from some feminist commentators who usually appear to have the acronym AMAB (all men are b***s) tattooed on their typing fingers.
The Malaysia Daily newspaper earlier reported Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Amab as saying that Malaysia could not grant Philippine officials "legal access" to the Filipinos arrested because "the investigation on suspicions that they provided help or security information to the terrorists is continuing."
Barex resins belong to a family of acrylonitrile-methyl acrylate copolymers (AMAB) and due to their chemical resistance and inertness they offer high barrier properties to gases such as oxygen, aromas, fragrances and volatile components.