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Christine Hall, managing director, Amacus said: 'It is crucial that the right level of support, advice and guidance is available to unemployed members of society with a health condition or a disability, to assist them to take the first steps towards having the confidence to seek employment opportunities.
Christine Hall, managing director of Amacus, said: "Vicki is a great example of someone who has really benefitted from the Leapfrog programme, it had a very positive effect on her self-confidence and personal resilience.
Managing director Ian Malcolm said: "Amacus and Gateshead College have been excellent in delivering the training programme.
To find out more and to book a place at the launch event contact Amacus on 01429 890071, email or visit
We're delighted to be taking part in something so beneficial to the staff and thank Amacus for its support."
Managing director Christine Hall said: "Amacus is delighted to have been able to support so many excellent companies to achieve the Better Health at Work Award for 2014 and we are proud of the difference they are making to the health of their employees."
It was designed and delivered by Amacus, which specialises in leadership and management development, after union learning representatives identified a skills gap and demand for management training by individuals at the DWP.
The appointments will help the company to build on recent growth which has seen it land major contracts in the private and public sectors, where Amacus (along with strategic partner Gateshead College) has been chosen to manage the North East Better Health at Work award on behalf of the NHS in the south of Tyne and Wear.
Christine Hall, Managing Director of Amacus, said: "The Leapfrog programme is not just about training for training's sake, it's about real opportunities, working with both employers to identify job opportunities and Job Centre Plus to identify the right candidates to take advantage of preparation training with the possibility of a real job at the end of it.
The awards are managed by specialist training provider Amacus and are a partnership between Gateshead College, the NHS Primary Care Trust for South of Tyne and Wear and the TUC.
Christine Murray, managing director of amacus in Hartlepool, picked up the award for Most Innovative Idea for the firm's 'Carrie's Cast-off Bring and Buy Sale', based on this summer's hit film Sex And The City 2.
The event - a partnership between training organisation Amacus, local authorities, employers and health service providers - aims to commend the efforts made by companies across Sunderland, Gateshead and South Tyneside to provide advice on achieving healthier lifestyles.