AMADAgricultural Market Access Database (World Trade Organization)
AMADActivity Median Aerodynamic Diameter
AMADAirframe Mounted Accessory Drive
AMADAtmospheric Modeling and Analysis Division (US EPA)
AMADAsesoria Mesoamericana de Desarollo (Middle American Counseling Agency for Progress, Guatemala)
AMADAutomatic Mustard Agent Detector
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We had a HYD 1 leak, a HYD 1 pump mechanical failure, a left AMAD oil-pressure failure, and switching valve failures to our left LEF and right AIL.
The AMAD supports both the Director for Army Budget and the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Operations) (DASA (FO)).
The Eagle pilot had been waiting for his hot-brake check, when an AMAD warning light in the cockpit illuminated.
After parking the aircraft, our squadron maintainers immediately had me shut down the right engine because oil was leaking out the AMAD bay.
I quickly checked in with my squadron rep and told him I had a right AMAD caution, I had shut down the engine and intended to restart for landing.
To my utter amazement, the AMAD Fire Light extinguished, and Toast 7 moved closer advising me that the fire was under control, but was still "cooking in the afterburner section.
Jolly closed for a visual inspection and described the leak as coming from the left engine near the AMAD bay.
Current analysis conducted by independent experts, comprised of retired Navy personnel with extensive Navy Aviation operational and support experience, confirms previous data that the AMAD gearbox exceeds the operational performance requirements.
NATOPS directs this action because operations longer than 30 minutes will lead to an AMAD fire.
NOTE TO EDITORS: An AMAD is a gearbox that converts high speed rotating motion from the jet turbine engine on the F/A-18 to a different speed of rotating motion used to drive various accessories within the aircraft.
The AMAD caution was the more serious problem, so we decided to go through that procedure first.
Lucas Western designed the AMAD in the mid-1970s, and has supplied over 3000 to Northrop and the Navy.