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These findings, as well as other global management issues, will be discussed at an AMAI 75th anniversary conference, "m2 The Power of Management," November 4-6, San Francisco.
While 30% of our member companies have delayed one or another action because of current uncertainties, 25% have actually speeded up their change initiatives or other strategic activities," said Eric Rolfe Greenberg, director of Management Studies for AMAI.
More than half of the AMAI survey participants (51%) report they have
AMAI, can serve as an invaluable resource on a variety of issues
WHERE: m(2) The Power of Management Conference sponsored by AMAI
Weathersby's leadership, the AMAI seeks to improve the leadership and management practices of U.
The Northern Light Search Engine, which combines the reach of a World Wide Web search engine with unique access to over 1,800 premium sources, and AMAI, the world's leading membership-based management education, training and publishing organization, have teamed up to provide greater information resources to AMAI's members.
Several AMAI web site areas will feature links to Northern Light.