AMAKAl Masane Al Kobra Mining Company (Saudi Arabia)
AMAKAsset Management Association of Korea (South Korea)
AMAKAia Maea Ainen Kiribati (Kiribati: National Women Federation of Kiribati)
AMAKAliansi Masyarakat anti Kekerasan (Indonesian: Community Alliance against Violence; Jakarta, Indonesia)
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Net income for the second quarter includes the impact of equity in losses from AMAK of $0.1 million.
Survey Point Holdings, and its subsidiaries, Cruise Line Agencies of Alaska, Amak Towing and Southeast Stevedoring, have been actively engaged in Skagway operations for over 40 years.
By location, the PCR prevalence was 25.5% (95% CI 15.1%-39.3%) in Raiti, 16.0% (95% CI 5.25%-36.9%) in Amak, and 9.09% (95% CI 3.75%-19.4%) in Arang Dak.
AMAK as the first mechanized no-flare project implemented by domestic experts in the area which is sponsored by the NISOC.
Sjariffudin, Amak. Kisah Kartosuwirjo dan menjerahnja [Story of Kartosuwiryo and his surrender].
Firm completes a $25m investment in Egypt's Amak Group
Since last year, he had been the managing director of his family-owned business, AMAK Property and Development, and is also on the board of Bahrain Tourism and Gulf Educational Projects (Applied Science University).
Red king crab tows were made in August of 2009 at 2 sites in Bristol Bay, about 22 km (12 nmi) west of Amak Island and ~65 km (~35 nmi) northwest of Port Moller.
ex Carrington, Jungermannia handelii (Schiff.) Amak, Anastrepta orcadensis (Hook.) Schiffner, Porella pinnata L., Tetralophozia filiformis (Stephani) urmi, Radula holtii Spruce.
Saudi-owned Al-Masan'e Al-Kubra Company (AMAK) and the Arabian American Development Company (AADC) now operate the mine.