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AMASAAdvertising Media Association of South Africa
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However, although the slaves maintain control of the ship, one of them, Babo, directs a masquerade which results in the American Captain Amasa Delano remaining blind to the truth about who is actually in charge throughout much of the story.
Amasa Coleman Lee, was an attorney and in 1919 he defended two black men accused of murder.
Bernhard Geiger, Die Amasa Spantas: Ihr Wesen und ihre ursprungliche Bedeutung (Vienna 1916), 142-63.
On November 26, 1866, the Daily Journal of Oneida Community published a letter written by George Campbell, confessing his contamination by the spirit of former Community member Amasa Carr.
Match es la empresa que amasa una fortuna cuando se agotan las entradas.
Sabe cocinar con metodos unicos: amasa la pasta de los pasteles en el suelo; bate los huevos con una escoba, etc.
Si, en el cuento, el sonador descubre que, al igual que su propio hijo, el se encuentra, como dice el tango, siendo el misero raton en el juego del gato Maula, entonces el sonador no solo se enfrenta al desamparo ante aquel deseo que lo amasa, sino que su propio deseo se articula al deseo de aquel que la vida le otorga.
Our study was conceived in the framework of the AMASA (Access to Medicines in Africa and South Asia) project (http://www.
Saturday 9th - Pleasant but cool - rode with Amasa Holt to Princeton and back dined at Gov.
This volume documents the experiences of five Americans--Samuel Shaw, Amasa Delano, Edmund Fanning, Harriett Low, and Robert Bennet Forbes--in their explorations to the South Seas after the American Revolution and how their contact with the East impacted their sense of national identity.
15), Joab's murders of Abner and Amasa and his subsequent killing by Benaiah (1 Kings 2), Shechem's rape of Dinah (Gen.
However, engine problems and weather delays kept the radio C-9 at Amasa for four more days, until January 16.