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AMASAAdvertising Media Association of South Africa
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As Leo Lyman explains in his skillful history of Mormon San Bernardino, creation of this colony was a fond project of Amasa Lyman and Charles C.
Groff's "must-rides" also include Amasa Back, which he says locals return to again and again and Sovereign Trail, a single track cross-country ride.
10) It is certainly reasonable that Melville could have taken from "Christ in Flanders" as he had recently done with the Narrative of Captain Amasa Delano and the biography of Israel Potter, an initial situation, fundamental setting, and philosophical framework for his own itinerary of The Confidence-Man.
The New England Theology: From Jonathan Edwards to Edwards Amasa Park.
Pierce Memorial Baptist Home, an 82-bed long-term care facility, was founded in 1950 when Amasa and Edna Pierce donated their family homestead to the American Baptist Churches of Connecticut to begin "a retirement home for elderly Baptist women.
Passed down in the family of abolitionist Amasa Walker, this was Wheatley's only letter to ever appear at an auction.
19, 1915, in Myrtle Point to Amasa and Bertha Wade Bigelow.
Kim and her husband Fred are beginning their eighteenth year as co-pastors of Bethany Lutheran Church in Amasa and Trinity Lutheran Church in Stambaugh, Michigan.
SLILS Amasa Sills--a soldier in a NY levy in the Revolution in the 18th century
Patti, figures prominently in a number of Melville's stories of the 1850s as well, enticing both the lawyer in "Bartleby" and Captain Amasa Delano in "Benito Cereno" to respond to the call of their fellow man in need, notwithstanding their prejudice, self-interest, ineffectiveness, or naivete.
Hannah highlights the career of the prominent political economist Francis Amasa Walker, especially his tenure as superintendent of the 1870 and 1880 U.
Peck's role, as Atticus Finch, was based on Lee's father, Amasa Finch Lee.