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AMASISAdvanced Marine Airborne Signals Intelligence System
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Now in the generality of free states, the governors and the governed alternately change place; for an equality without any preference is what nature chooses; however, when one governs and another is governed, she endeavours that there should be a distinction between them in forms, expressions, and honours; according to what Amasis said of his laver.
But when the ring returns to his table in the belly of a fish, Amasis realizes that it is "impossible for one man to deliver his fellow man from what is by fate to happen to him" (3.
The Newsletter on Newsletters uses Amasis for body text (chosen for its nostalgic resemblance to the Courier New that most newsletters used for almost 30 years) and Arial for headlines.
The eagle flies away and drops the slipper into the lap of Pharaoh Amasis who then searches for the beautiful maiden with the unusual slipper.
1 Contempt is perhaps too weak a word for Beazley's feelings towards Nikosthenes (Beazley 1989a: 9): 'Whenever the names of Exekias and Amasis are mentioned, the name of a third potter, Nikosthenes, is apt to find a place beside them.