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AMASSAirport Movement Area Safety System (FAA)
AMASSArchival Management and Storage System
AMASSATO Mission Analysis and Simulation System
AMASSAutomated Material Accounting Statistics System
AMASSAdvanced Marine Airborne Signal Intelligence System
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Ylagan's modus operandi that amassed P12 million over a four-year period involved routing of forged letters of authority, instructing banks to transfer funds from her employer's accounts to her own fictitious accounts.
Over the years, it has amassed tens of thousands of patents, which it has used to sue a number of companies for infringement, including Motorola and Bank of America.
Karim scored a vibrant 51 as Cardiff Asians amassed a total of 153-7 against the Cardiff Tigers, Pavel Amran taking 4-33 for the Tigers.
AMASS." Do you see yourselves providing a more eco-friendly way to deliver these services?
Speaking in defence of AMASS, FAA spokesman Greg Martin said that it has been credited with preventing four accidents and that the FAA also uses other means of preventing accidents, such as increased training for air traffic controllers and improved runway markings.
In September the attorney general subpoenaed bank records of Cardinal Juan Sandoval, successor to the slain Cardinal Juan Posadas, claiming Sandoval had been working with drug traffickers to amass "inexplicable wealth."
From the Chicago Tribune: "A new board game called Ghettopoly in which players try to amass stolen property and crack houses is selling briskly despite criticism that it mocks poverty and misfortune in the African American community.
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC) announced recently the availability of a new release of the company's archive software, AMASS for UNIX.
They are using the power of technology to amass, quality-check and deploy test items closely calibrated to actual content standards.
A businessman, Robert Lintel, pushes the manufacture of T-Stroke so that he may amass an army of supernatural people.
While a police spokesman termed the decision "a tremendous victory for common sense," the American Civil Liberties Union called the ruling "a significant setback." Police will again be able to amass databases on groups whom they think might commit terrorist acts and hate crimes, though a city official has claimed in the Sun-Times that the police will still not be able to use such intelligence to harass or intimidate dissidents.
A DIC's version 5.0 of its AMASS for Unix storage management software enables IT departments and integrators to more effectively leverage the capacity of automated optical and tape libraries for a wide variety of large-scale storage tasks.