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AMASSAirport Movement Area Safety System (FAA)
AMASSArchival Management and Storage System
AMASSATO Mission Analysis and Simulation System
AMASSAutomated Material Accounting Statistics System
AMASSAdvanced Marine Airborne Signal Intelligence System
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AMASS is specialized storage management software that lets users, administrators, and applications archive large data sets on automated storage libraries and retrieve all or any portion of the data at any time.
With AMASS, a simple Windows NT file system interface can provide transparent access to scores of storage options with capacities that range from 100 GB to more than 100 TB.
Next, the department needed to amass a factual basis for the implementation of travel restrictions.
AMASS software tests media on a schedule, tracks read/write error rates, and renews the files by writing them to media.
His "magic" had been to amass large numbers of "Peters" to pay off the "Pauls.
5 release of its AMASS archiving software, designed to enhance users' ability to manage large-scale file-based data sets over extended time periods.
The prosecution did not pinpoint a particular main plunderer for whose benefit the agents/co-conspirators agreed to accumulate, amass and acquire ill-gotten wealth,' said the court briefer, adding ' it became very difficult, if not impossible, to establish plunder by virtue of the inadequacy of the averments of the crime charged.
Matrics Barbarians recovered from 36-7 to amass 95 - a score which proved too much for Bel-MontE as they ended on 92-6.
He and fellow researchers plan to amass enough facts to inform the debate on "don't ask, don't tell.
Others in Abacha's government also siphoned money from the state to amass personal fortunes.