AMAVAzienda Multiservizi Ambientali Veneziana (Italian: Venetian Environmental Multiservice Company; waste management)
AMAVAssociation of Men against Violence (Nicaragua)
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The criteria for positivity were based on results of ELISA for serum samples from febrile persons who did not participate in this study and were negative for IgG against WWAV, AMAV, and LCMV.
El presidente de la AMAV, Jorge Hernandez Delgado, recuerda que ese record fue posible por el fraude cometido por varias agencias al duplicar la venta de los 20 mil paquetes autorizados a Mexico por la Federacion Internacional de Futbol Asociado (FIFA).
Consolidation of some operations means that game-table molding has been relocated to Bedford, using new presses and some used Amav machines.
While Sectur did not offer comparative figures for 2015, the AMAV said domestic tourism has been increasing steadily since 2007, when just fewer than 183 million tourists traveled domestically.
Arenavirus AV B1030026 was included in group B with Amapari virus (AMAV), Cupixi virus (CPXV), TCRV, and the 5 viruses from South America known to cause hemorrhagic fever in humans.
A juzgar por los paquetes turisticos adquiridos para la Copa del Mundo, hasta el momento esta garantizada la asistencia de 16 mil personas, la mayoria a la primera ronda (los tres primeros juegos), reporta la Asociacion Mexicana de Agencias de Viajes (AMAV).
"Based on what the hotels are telling us, I don't know whether we'll even have 1,000," said Pedro Falcon, president of the Guerrero chapter of the Asociacion Mexicana de Agencias de Viajes (AMAV).
The Tacaribe (New World) complex includes Whitewater Arroyo virus (WWAV), Tamiami (TAMV), Allpahuayo (ALLV), Flexal (FLEV), Parana (PARV), Pichinde (PICV), Pirital (PIRV), Amapari (AMAV), Guanarito (GTOV), Junin (JUNV), Machupo (MACV), Sabia (SABV), Tacaribe (TCRV), Oliveros (OLVV), and Latino (LATV) viruses.
Jorge Hernandez Delgado, president of the Asociacion Mexicana de Agencias de Viajes (AMAV), echoed those sentiments.
In mid-January, the Asociacion Mexicana de Agencias de Viaje (AMAV) recommended that its members exercise care when dealing with LAA tickets and not book flights beyond the next week.
The Asociacion Mexicana de Agencias de Viaje (AMAV) had been lobbying for the original plan to sell off the airlines separately, which would have fostered competition.
This brought strong protests from the Asociacion Mexicana de Agencias de Viaje (AMAV), the Confederacion Nacional de Agencias de Viajes (CONAV), and Consejo Nacional Empresarial Turistico (CNET).