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AMAXAmerican Metals Climax
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About AMAX is a technology solutions provider of Cloud/Iaas, GPU, HPC and server appliance platforms developed for data center and big data applications.
IDA Ireland chief Martin Shanahan said: "It's great news a global company of the calibre of AMAX has decided to locate its European manufacturing facility in Shannon, especially as it's their first European manufacturing facility and is creating 100 jobs.
PHAT-Data is AMAX's answer to the industry's need for a high-performance Hadoop solution running on optimized hardware, with simplified deployment in mind," said Jean Shih, President, AMAX.
James Huang, Product Marketing Manager, AMAX, said, "We are very excited about the new Pascal architecture and what it means for deep learning and rendering workloads,This product further closes the gap between HPC and the data center, bringing significantly more compute power to large data centers within a smaller footprint.
AMAX Converged Solutions are customizable as twin and quad-node options packed into a compact server form factors.
PHAT-DATA40G is a collaborative effort with industry technology leaders to build the highest-performing Hadoop solution running on optimized hardware, with ease of use and simplified deployment as a shared vision," said Jean Shih, President, AMAX.
The purpose of the AMAX Ireland facility is to better serve AMAX s European and global enterprise customer base with local manufacturing to produce expedited production and logistics turnaround.
The Hadoop data cluster configuration leverages the AMAX ServMax SX-2208 storage server and Emulex OneConnect OCe11102-N Dual-Port 10GbE Network Interface Cards (NICs).
The new AMAX H-Class servers deliver high performance for highly-threaded applications though massive core density and an intelligent modular design featuring up to 33% more cores and up to 35% greater performance than previous generation high performance solutions.
As a strong NVIDIA partner, AMAX will be participating in the Bio Workbench program to cater specifically to the needs of our Biotechnology customers," says Bohr-Young Tsao, Product Manager at AMAX.
As a member and official solutions provider of OCP, AMAX will combine OCP designs with unique customization and testing capabilities to deliver a new range of server solutions that are "precision-fit" to the technical and business requirements of individual large data centers.
With support for DDR3 ECC memory, AMAX ServMax Clarkdale based servers deliver up to 50% more performance, lower power consumption, and lower cost compared to the previous generation UP servers and are ideal for AMAX's wide range of Appliance Manufacturing customers.