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Ambec e Barla (2002) e Feichtinger, Hartl, Kort e Veliov (2005), apos investigarem o efeito da politica ambiental sobre a composicao do capital, concluiram que a politica ambiental mais rigorosa acaba causando efeito negativo sobre os lucros da industria, contrariando, assim, a HP.
Prior GSCM research has intensively examined the question "does it pay to be green?" (Ambec & Lanoie, 2008; Hart & Ahuja, 1996).
Organizations can potentially obtain several benefits by implementing proactive environmental strategies and initiatives; they can enhance their brand reputation, gain credibility from their stakeholders, get better economic and financial results and lower their costs by reducing the wastage of energy, water and materials, as well as reducing their carbon footprint (Ambec & Lanoie, 2008; Buysse & Verbeke, 2003; Delmas, Hoffmann & Kuss, 2011; Garrod, 1997; Gladwin, 1993; Hart, 1997; Hart & Ahuja, 1996; King & Lenox, 2001; Lash & Wellington, 2007; Porter & van der Linde, 1995; Steadman, Zimmerer & Green, 1995; Wittneben & Kiyan, 2009).
Responsible leadership requires change agents to show how they will act as stewards of their organizations' resources (Ambec and Lanoie, 2008; Senge, et.
To offer an efficient and cost-effective combiner, AMBEC customizes its design based on individual line speed requirements and container dimensions.
Puck Group; Ambec Conveyors; Girton Manufacturing; MGS Machine
Ambec of Owings Mills, MD, makes conveyor and process systems, with a line that includes tabletop, air, case and pallet conveyor, depalletizers, elevators/lowerators, gripper rinsers, sterilizers, accumulation tables, beverage preparation systems and electrical control systems.
Filled jars from the pasteuriser are then transferred on further runs of multi-track stainless steel table-top conveyor to an Ambec 10 low pressure mass accumulation table and pressureless combiner, prior to labelling.
Some, particularly more recent, econometric analyses find smaller drops or even productivity gains (Ambec et al., 2013), indicating that more stringent environmental regulations trigger productive innovation as suggested by Porter and van der Linde (1995).