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AMBERAmerica’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)
AMBERAdvanced Multiple Beam Equalization Radiography (chest radiology)
AMBERAssisted Model Building with Energy Refinement
AMBERAssessing, Measuring, and Benchmarking Resilience (computer durability assessment project)
AMBERAreal Mean Basin Estimated Rainfall (National Weather Service Forecast Office; US NOAA)
AMBERAstronomical Multiple Beam Recombiner
AMBERAdaptive Minimum Bit-Error Rate
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Now it has, you see, been twice mended, once in the wooden stem and once in the amber. Each of these mends, done, as you observe, with silver bands, must have cost more than the pipe did originally.
Then he has bitten through his amber. It takes a muscular, energetic fellow, and one with a good set of teeth, to do that.
"Marvel not at that, Sancho my friend," said Don Quixote; "for let me tell thee devils are crafty; and even if they do carry odours about with them, they themselves have no smell, because they are spirits; or, if they have any smell, they cannot smell of anything sweet, but of something foul and fetid; and the reason is that as they carry hell with them wherever they go, and can get no ease whatever from their torments, and as a sweet smell is a thing that gives pleasure and enjoyment, it is impossible that they can smell sweet; if, then, this devil thou speakest of seems to thee to smell of amber, either thou art deceiving thyself, or he wants to deceive thee by making thee fancy he is not a devil."
{40} Amber is never mentioned in the "Iliad." Sicily, where I suppose the "Odyssey" to have been written, has always been, and still is, one of the principal amber producing countries.
Andrew Lang says ("Homer and the Epic," p.236, and "Longman's Magazine" for January, 1898, p.277) about the "amber route" and the "Sacred Way" in this connection; but until he gives his grounds for holding that the Mediterranean peoples in the Odyssean age used to go far North for their amber instead of getting it in Sicily, where it is still found in considerable quantities, I do not know what weight I ought to attach to his opinion.
He seemed to have abandoned himself to a reverie, and to be seeing pleasing visions in the amber bead.
It was one of the misguided Medora's many peculiarities to flout the unalterable rules that regulated American mourning, and when she stepped from the steamer her family were scandalised to see that the crape veil she wore for her own brother was seven inches shorter than those of her sisters-in-law, while little Ellen was in crimson merino and amber beads, like a gipsy foundling.
Here the stream merely rinsed its bed, there it stood so still, in pools of liquid amber, that, when the sun shone, the very pebbles showed their shadows in the deepest places.
Raging over Amber's denial which she posted onTwitter, Chloe began posting screenshots of a message exchange apparently between Sam and Amber proving that she didn't ignore him like previously stated.
It's still less than five days since Amber and Greg triumphed in the live Love Island final and, having landed back in the UK on Wednesday, to be given a hero's welcome by friends and family waiting at the airport, including her dog Obi, the pair headed to the North East on Thursday.
Amber Distribution Latvia head Pavels Filipovs said that the everyday of the company employees will not change, each of the companies will still have their own offices, teams.