AMBIOIngeniería Ambiental (Environmental Engineering Group, Guatemala)
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The Value of Producing Food, Energy, and Ecosystem Services within an Agro-Ecosystem, 38 AMBIO 186, 186 (2009).
Interactions Between Coastal and Marine Ecosystems and Human Population Systems: Perspectives on How Consumption Mediates This Interaction, 31 AMBIO 264, 264 (2002); Peterson & Lubchenco, supra note 65, at 180.
Teer Coatings Ltd (TCL), Droitwich, England, which was an SME participant in the project, has as a result of it developed fouling-resistant coatings which have been extensively tested by AMBIO partners.
The fallacy inherent in comparing bovine and human calorie consumption, he argues in the July AMBIO, is that it ignores the human tendency to "waste" valuable calories.
But a new analysis of the economic impacts of that spending does "not lend support to the widely held belief that environmental programs generally hurt the economy by crippling industries and increasing unemployment," three economists report in the current AMBIO (Vol.
Moreover, report the researchers in the latest AMBIO (Vol.
A new analysis of the fate of this toxic pollutant in soil is reported in the most recent AMBIO (Vol.
The Ambios Xi-100 interferometric microscope uses white light interference to generate a three-dimensional topographic map of the razor cut rubber surface.
The report profiles 28 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Ambios Technology, Inc.
t), and the resulting technique has been licensed to Ambios Technology.
For 64-bit systems based on AMD's eighth-generation processors and AMBIOS technology, the modular BIOS architecture and Visual eBIOS development environment will enable manufacturers to greatly improve time to market," said Mike Shields, Global Software Sales Manager at American Megatrends.