AMBIOIngeniería Ambiental (Environmental Engineering Group, Guatemala)
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The Value of Producing Food, Energy, and Ecosystem Services within an Agro-Ecosystem, 38 AMBIO 186, 186 (2009).
Interactions Between Coastal and Marine Ecosystems and Human Population Systems: Perspectives on How Consumption Mediates This Interaction, 31 AMBIO 264, 264 (2002); Peterson & Lubchenco, supra note 65, at 180.
Teer Coatings Ltd (TCL), Droitwich, England, which was an SME participant in the project, has as a result of it developed fouling-resistant coatings which have been extensively tested by AMBIO partners.
Improved vibration isolation directly correlates to improved instrument performance," says Patrick O'Hara, president and CEO of Ambios Technology, Inc.
The Ambios Xi-100 interferometric microscope uses white light interference to generate a three-dimensional topographic map of the razor cut rubber surface.
Ambios Technology calls this type of phase measurement Smooth Mode in the company's Xi-100 Non-Contact Optical Profiler.
El espesor y la rugosidad de los recubrimientos fueron determinados con un perfilometro Ambios Technology XP-2.
t), and the resulting technique has been licensed to Ambios Technology.