AMBISAustralian Maritime Boundaries Information System (Australian Surveying and Land Information Group)
AMBISAustin Memorial and Burial Information Society (Austin, TX)
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32]P by AMBIS 4000 radioanalytic image analysis, with 8 [micro]g of 18S rRNA and 8 mg of leaf RNA included in each analysis as the negative and positive controls, respectively.
Samples were quantified by densitometry using the AMBIS radioanalytic imaging system (Scanalytics, Billerica, MA).
The partnership will seamlessly blend the biometric technology of Viisage's FaceTOOLS(R) SDK, Panasonic and CUBS' with Ultra-Scan's patented Livescan Ultrasonic Identification System (LUIS(R)) technology to create an Automatic Multimodal Biometric Identification System, or AMBIS.