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AMBPAlpha-1-Microglobulin/Bikunin Precursor (biochemistry)
AMBPAverage Mean Blood Pressure (cardiovascular health)
AMBPAssociation of Manitoba Book Publishers (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
AMBPAnnales Mathématiques Blaise Pascal (mathematical research journal)
AMBPAmbulatory Monitoring of Blood Pressure (cardiology)
AMBPAmbulatory Measurement of Blood Pressure (cardiology)
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Statistical analysis, represented by the fold changes, revealed in the classical RTT versus PSV-RTT comparison a significant overexpression of proteins involved in APR including AMBP, HPT, FIBB, A1AT, and CO3 [16,18,23, 26].
Three genes found to be downregulated by [E.sub.2] were transferrin, [beta]-actin, and AMBP. The remaining genes did not appear to be differentially regulated by [E.sub.2] when compared with controls.
Increased: Hp-b, 106-109 years AMBP, CLU old Brain Inferior Increased in AD: [54, 55] parietal lobule DRP-2, [alpha]- tissue samples Enolase, HSC-71 from AD patients autopsy CSF Lumbar CSF Decreased in AD: [57] samples from PTGDS, IgL, TTR.