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AMBRIAustralian Membrane and Biotechnology Research Institute
AMBRIAtraumatic Multidirectional Bilateral Rehabilitation Inferior (orthopedics)
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Instability injuries fall into 2 primary categories: TUBS (Traumatic, Unilateral, associated with Bankart lesion, treated with Surgery) and AMBRI (Atraumatic, Multidirectional, Bilateral, treated with Rehabilitation, Inferior capsular shift).
TUBS and AMBRI are the acronyms, where TUBS stand for traumatic, unidirectional instability, Bankart lesion and surgery, which is the mainstay of the treatment.
The AMBRI group are those patients with loose capsules who have an atraumatic dislocation which is multidirectional, the majority are bilateral and rehabilitation is required before any operative intervention which, if done, usually consists of an inferior capsular shift.