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AMBRIAtraumatic Multidirectional Bilateral Rehabilitation Inferior (orthopedics)
AMBRIAustralian Membrane and Biotechnology Research Institute
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The $1.5 million project, funded by a $749,000 grant from the Alaska Energy Authority and a match by Ambri, and the UAF Alaska Center for Energy and Power, will use a liquid metal battery developed by Ambri.
Instability injuries fall into 2 primary categories: TUBS (Traumatic, Unilateral, associated with Bankart lesion, treated with Surgery) and AMBRI (Atraumatic, Multidirectional, Bilateral, treated with Rehabilitation, Inferior capsular shift).
"We are on a wait-and-see attitude," Abu Ambri Taddik, MNLF deputy secretary general, told the Inquirer in an interview on Sunday.
When a chopping board split in his dishwasher, he made his own - and Ambri Boards, named for daughters Amber and Brid, was born.
Liquid Metal Battery Corporation, a clean technology company working to commercialise an electricity storage solution, has changed its name to Ambri.
TUBS and AMBRI are the acronyms, where TUBS stand for traumatic, unidirectional instability, Bankart lesion and surgery, which is the mainstay of the treatment.
Other famous apple verities are Amri (Ambri Kashmiri) American Trel (American Pirogue) Delicious (Red Delicious) Maharaja (White Dotted Red) and Kesri (Cox''s Orange Pippin).
Meanwhile, sources told Daily Times that the wastewater was being expelled into the Ambri canal, which was being used for irrigation and consumption by more than two million people.
Kevin McCann was formerly Chairman and Partner of Allens Arthur Robinson, Solicitors and a former Director of Ambri Limited and Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group.
The Milanese Gian Rinaldo Carli, collaborator of Il Caffe, had written in Della disuguaglianza fisica, morale e civile fra gli uomini: "Come Montesquieu ha giudiziosamente rimarcato, gli uomini del nord sono piu coraggiosi degli uomini del sud" (cited in Berselli Ambri 175).
Stewart has also talked of becoming involved with Swiss Elite League club Ambri, whose officials are concerned he has not yet paid over investment promised months ago.