AMBSAmerican Board of Medical Specialties
AMBSAssociated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries (Elkhart, IN)
AMBSAccess Management Basic Services
AMBSAdvanced Marine Biological System
AMBSAssociated Mennonite Bible Seminary (Elkhart, IN)
AMBSAlfred McAlpine Business Services Ltd. (UK)
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Now imagine a Priest, whose mouth is at M, and whose front semicircle(AMB) is consequently coloured red, while his hinder semicircle is green; so that the diameter AB divides the green from the red.
In addition, the high static stiffness of AMBs provide more precise control over the nominal shaft center under load, and AMBs allow for synchronous force rejection schemes (synchronous cancellation), which virtually eliminate transmission of rotor unbalance forces to the outside structure.
There are other advantages to using AMBs. Power consumption of advanced AMBs is typically negligible compared to the power rating of the machine they are used in.
There are some inherent losses within AMBs. The radial magnetic force exerted on a rotor by an AMB becomes weaker when the rotor spins at a sufficiently high speed.
There is no physical contact between rotating and stationary components in an AMB system, so friction and wear are minimized.