AMCBArmy-Marine Corps Board
AMCBAsian Mass Communication Bulletin (Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre)
AMCBAharon Meir Center for Banking (Ramat-Gan, Israel)
AMCBAIDS Molecular and Cellular Biology (study; US NIH)
AMCBAmerican Midwifery Certification Board (Linthicum, MD)
AMCBAsian Migrants Coordinating Body (Hong Kong)
AMCBAssociation Motorcycle Côte Basque (French: Basque Coast Motorcycle Association)
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After expenses, the AMCB was able to donate $207,000 to the four randomly selected charities.
To keep costs as minimal as possible, all of the work put into AMCB is volunteer work, from the organizers to the emcee.
Any funds raised during the live auction or from the AMCB Committee table are then split four ways between the charities.
Cortes Gonzalez, Director--Gerente del OAEDR; Susana Guinaldo Santa Rita, Tecnico del OAEDR, Claudia Quelhas, Tecnico de la Camara de Sabugal, Carlos Santos, Director de la AMCB y Jorge Antunes, Tecnico de la AMCB.
14 Nepali Radio Stations Help Bring About Social Change, AMCB, Vol,36, No, 4, July-August 2006,AMIC Singapore, p,17.
29 Taiwan Radio Stations Fight Clampdown, AMCB, Vol, 24, No,5, Sept-Oct 1994, AMIC, Singapore, p,8.
Until that occurs and the doctrinal/facility gap mitigation measures are in place (identified and funded by the AMCB G-G study), fratricides in full spectrum operations will likely continue to occur.
Through 2004, we briefed the AMCB on three separate occasions to obtain decisions in support of the BAA convergence, the BAB convergence, and a strategy to resolve the security policy differences between the Services.
The MOAs established a joint operational requirements workgroup and a joint configuration control board for BAA and BAB, and they identified the AMCB as the final authority for adjudicating any problems that could not be resolved by these two bodies.