AMCBAmerican Midwifery Certification Board (Linthicum, MD)
AMCBAsian Migrants Coordinating Body (Hong Kong)
AMCBAssociation Motorcycle Côte Basque (French: Basque Coast Motorcycle Association)
AMCBArmy-Marine Corps Board
AMCBAsian Mass Communication Bulletin (Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre)
AMCBAharon Meir Center for Banking (Ramat-Gan, Israel)
AMCBAIDS Molecular and Cellular Biology (study; US NIH)
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Henry Penney, Roberts son and current president of the charity's board of directors, clarifies that AMCB is not a part of the Mayor's office.
Las fases subsiguientes seran desarrolladas por los equipos de trabajo que se constituyan al amparo de esta segunda fase y por los profesionales responsables del OAEDR y la AMCB.
14 Nepali Radio Stations Help Bring About Social Change, AMCB, Vol,36, No, 4, July-August 2006,AMIC Singapore, p,17.
I suspect that concerns about this lax certification process contributed to ACOG's decision to issue a statement from its executive board in 2006: "While ACOG supports women having a choice in determining their providers of care, ACOG does not support the provision of care by lay midwives or other midwives who are not certified by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) or AMCB." (29)
Until that occurs and the doctrinal/facility gap mitigation measures are in place (identified and funded by the AMCB G-G study), fratricides in full spectrum operations will likely continue to occur.
Through 2004, we briefed the AMCB on three separate occasions to obtain decisions in support of the BAA convergence, the BAB convergence, and a strategy to resolve the security policy differences between the Services.
About 30 foreign maids representing the Asian Migrant Coordinating Body (AMCB) demonstrated at the Central Government Office in the afternoon following the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region's announcement of the cut.
As noted by a local media director, "when karaoke lounge hostesses also call themselves public relations officers, you know you have a big problem" (AMCB, 1994, p.
AG Pinto Junior, AMCB Braga e A Roselli-Cruz participaram igualmente de todas as etapas de elaboracao do artigo.