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AMCCAssociation Mondiale pour La Communication Chrétienne (French: World Association for Christian Communication)
AMCCAir Mobility Control Center
AMCCAshore Mobile Contingency Communications
AMCCAmerican Muscle Car Club (various locations)
AMCCAdvanced Materials Commercialization Center
AMCCalternate military command center (US DoD)
AMCCARTCC Monitor and Control Center
AMCCAir Mobility Command Center
AMCCAshore Mobile Communications Center
AMCCAmerican Muslim Chamber of Commerce
AMCCAutonomous Model Complexity Control
AMCCA Merry Car Club (Belgium)
AMCCApplied Micro Circuits Corporation
AMCCallied movement coordination center (US DoD)
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After a very strong second-half 2003, we think AMCC has great momentum for continued growth in NPU shipments in 2004," said Bob Wheeler, senior analyst at The Linley Group.
The performance and capacity capabilities of AMCC's 3ware Sidecar xSATA solution offer new storage flexibility to the Mac space especially for users who are restrained by the prohibitive cost of fibre channel at the very high end and by the performance limitations of USB, FireWire and eSATA-attached products at the low end," said Scott Cleland, director of marketing at AMCC Storage.
The combination of the highest-density CES device on the market from AMCC and Zarlink's proven CES expertise will uniquely enable system vendors and carriers to build efficient, scalable (up to multiple OC-3 / OC-12) solutions for legacy T1/E1 and revenue-driven applications.
The 3ware Sidecar features xSATA and true hardware RAID and is the only external storage choice for the Mac Pro and Power Mac[R] G5 with PCI Express[R] when capacity, performance, data protection, and ease of use are the goals," said Scott Cleland, director of marketing at AMCC Storage.
AMCC will demonstrate its industry leading technology in a RAID 6 performance shootout pitting 8-port versions of AMCC's 3ware 9650SE against a competing SATA II RAID controller.
AMCC is committed to providing the necessary tools that our customers need to jump start their packet processor evaluation and then their software development," said Charlie Ashton, director of software at AMCC.
With the 440EPx, AMCC is delivering on its promise to provide customers with compelling performance and integration while maintaining the low price points and low power dissipation that our customers demand," said Sam Fuller, vice president of marketing at AMCC.
AMCC offers the highest bandwidth storage processors on the market," said Sam Fuller, vice president of marketing at AMCC.
In eliminating any significant performance penalty, AMCC has made RAID 6 and SATA compelling solutions for customers requiring enterprise performance and reliability.
AMCC is also announcing this week a line of high performance RAID 6 controllers.
The 3ware Sidecar will lead the Mac aftermarket as the only true SATA hardware-based RAID solution," stated Scott Cleland, director of marketing at AMCC Storage.
We value our long-term relationship with Brocade, an industry leader in SAN and application infrastructure management solutions, and are honored to have received these awards," said Brian Wilkie, vice president and assistant general manager, Integrated Communications Products, at AMCC.