AMCGAnorthosite-Mangerite-Charnockite-Granite (geology)
AMCGAlaskan Malamute Club Gerasdorf (Austrian dog breeders club)
AMCGAuto Model-Club du Golfe (French model car club)
AMCGAviation Management Consulting Group
AMCGApplied Modelling and Computation Group (UK)
AMCGÁrea Metropolitana de la Ciudad de Guatemala (Spanish: Metropolitan area of the City of Guatemala)
AMCGAuto Moto Club Generoso (Mendrisio, Switzerland)
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The obtained U-Pb zircon ages are in good agreement with the age of the 1580 Ma AMCG Riga batholith in Latvia and western Estonia, which is a good example of bimodal felsic and basic magmatism (Ramo et al.
Korja & Heikkinen (1995) as well as Puura & Floden (1999) suggested that the long-lasting voluminous AMCG magmatism at 1.
The obtained 1625 [+ or -] 6 Ma magmatic crystallization age of the Velaiciai-2 granodiorite agrees well with the latest Palaeoproterozoic-early Mesoproterozoic extension of the crust and widespread AMCG and A-type granitoid magmatism in Estonia and Latvia as well as Finland and Sweden in the Baltic Shield.
4 million as of July 31, 2010, contributing 73% to the total registered subscriber base of AMCG.
AMCG has extensive experience as the primary operations consultant for the Israel Airports Authority, and has helped to increase the overall level of operational excellence at Ben Gurion Airport, making it one of the safest airports in the world.
Since we are new to the American market, Miller's ability to quickly understand our differentiation and secure media opportunities has offered us a substantial business benefit," said Ronen Hakimi, president of AMCG.
We will continue to support Imaging Automation and AMCG through aggressive communications programs aimed at building and sustaining leadership positions for both companies in their respective markets.
The air transportation industry is in a state of accelerated change, and that change is happening under the spotlight of the American media," said Ronen Hakimi, president of AMCG.
AMCG has developed this comprehensive methodology based in part on its work with the Israel Airports Authority and Ben Gurion International Airport, one of the world's safest airports.
AMCG, in effect, "bridges management" by working closely with organizations' decision-makers to evaluate and redesign existing and future operations to improve security, customer service, and overall operational efficiency.