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AMCHAIsraeli Center for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation
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The AMCHA Initiative reports that BDS activists "physically block[] or hinder[] the movement of attendees of Jewish student events or engage[] in efforts to get those events canceled." (49) For example, student group UCL Friends of Israel had invited Hen Mazzig, a former Israel Defense Forces commander, to speak at University College London in October 2016 about his humanitarian work in the West Bank.
The AMCHA Initiative monitors more than 400 college campuses across the US for anti-Semitic activity and incidents.
campuses in the 2014-2015 school year is totaling more than ninety, which is already double the events scheduled in the same period last year); see AMCHA INITIATIVE, supra note 13, at 16 (noting that over 150 anti-Israel rallies and social media posts delegitimized or demonized Israel with rationale grounded in classic anti-Semitic notions of Jewish evil and power).
(15.) "Amcha Initiative's Letter to UC President Yudof," Amcha Initiative, September 19, 2011,
Even more noteworthy, virtually all contributors assume that Jews have to be drawn into synagogues and other institutions through inducements: the authors predicate their remarks on the view that only programs directed at the needs and interests of amcha stand a chance of attracting members.
Love of 'amcha (nation Israel) was his passion and protesting against the world's indifference to her suffering then and her existence now is ethical and moral.
The proportion of counselors employed in all of the other work settings was, however, consistent with AMCHA membership.
Current self-help efforts for Holocaust survivors and their second generation include nonprofit Israeli organizations such as AMCHA. Named after the code word (amcha) that helped identify fellow Jews in war-ravaged Europe AMCHA provides a range of psychosocial support services, including psychotherapy, support groups, clubs for aging survivors, and volunteer services to homebound survivors.
The latest candidate list is: Jamali, Zakka, former MP Misbah Ahdab, Yahya Mawloud, Talal Kabbara, Omar al-Sayyed and Hamed Amcha.
Le theatre de la maison de la culture a attire 800 a 850 enfants par jour, venus avec leurs parents des regions limitrophes de la wilaya, notamment d'Ammari, Khemisti, Ouled Bessam, Sidi Abed et Layoune, a indique le directeur de la Maison de la culture, M.Benali Amcha. Cette affluence des enfants en ces vacances reflete la qualite des spectacles proposes et la variete de leur programme qui a comporte 14 pieces theatrales, des jeux de magie, burlesques et recreatifs, a-t-on souligne.
AMCHA, the National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Survivors of the Holocaust and the Second Generation, confirmed the research findings.