AMCISAmericas' Conference on Information Systems (Atlanta, GA)
AMCISAsociación Mexicana para la Calidad en Ingeniería de Software (Spanish: Mexican Association for Quality on Software Engineering)
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Lopez, "Comparing the quality of Latin American e-Health National Websites", in 16th Americas Conference on Information Systems 2010, AMCIS 2010, vol.
To limit the higher exposure risks associated with handling dry powders, CARBOGEN AMCIS adopted in-line wet milling as a core particle sizing technology during the past 2 years and uses it as the preferred approach for particle reduction where technically feasible.
8 February 2010 - CARBOGEN AMCIS AG,aA the Swiss subsidiary of Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Limited (BOM: 532526), said on 27 January it has opened its new High-Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) facility in Ahmedabad, India.
AMCIS 2002 panels and workshops I: Human-computer interaction research in the MIS discipline.
His work has been presented at conferences such as IRMA, AOM, AMCIS, DSI, and is published in the Journal of Organisational Behaviour and The Journal of Organisational and End User Computing.
The Newspaper Association of America (NNA) has considered testing a GIS approach to marketing and circulation data called AMCIS (Advertising, Marketing, and Circulation Information System).
2005): "Information Security Investment with Different Information Types: A Two-Firm Analysis", AMCIS 2005 Proceedings.
En este caso, la Secretaria de Economia (SE), a traves de Prosoft encargo la norma a Hanna Oktaba, de la AMCIS (Asociacion de la Industria de la Calidad en Software) esta tiene que ver con la calidad en las empresas desarrolladoras de software, ya que este sexenio que esta a punto de finalizar se determino alcanzar niveles internacionales en capacidad de procesos, del Programa Nacional para la Industria de Software administrado por la Secretaria de Economia.
Systemic Quality Model for System Development Process: Case Study, en Seventh Americas Conference on Information Systems AMCIS 2001.
BUBENDORF, Switzerland -- Switzerland-based CARBOGEN AMCIS AG, a pharmaceutical process development and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing company, has advised its employees and the authorities today of its plans for restructuring the Swiss company's operations in Bubendorf (BL), Aarau (AG) and Hunzenschwil (Neuland, AG).
Trabajo con otras organizaciones: ANIE, AMCIS, Caieti, CIAPEM y otras camaras.