AMCITAmerican Citizen (US DoD)
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citizens, Department of Defense (DoD) civilian personnel, and designated host nation (HN) and third country nationals (TCNs) whose lives are in danger from locations in a foreign nation to an appropriate safe haven." The NEO mission was conducted in cooperation with representatives of the DoS in order to secure the American consulate located within Razish, and to evacuate American citizens (AMCITs) located within the greater Erdabil Province.
Similar to a raid, the hasty security element emplacement allowed the continuation of tactical operations and freedom of maneuver for Comanche Company, DoS personnel, and AMCITS not only within the consulate but throughout Razish.
We expect the low volume/high mix sectors of AMCIT to grow at a Compound Annual Average Growth Rate (CAAGR) in Western Europe by between 1.9% and 2.5% over the period to 2017.
Or that no casualties are "worth it" in a far away land that most Amcits still would have difficulty locating on a map.
Cable 0 131844 MAY 87 listed "Amcits killed in armed conflict." It began with William Hom (Sept.