AMCMAirborne Mine Countermeasures
AMCMAutoridade Monetaria de Macau (Monetary and Foreign Exchange Authority of Macau, China)
AMCMAdvanced Missions Cost Model
AMCMAdvanced Mine Countermeasures
AMCMAir Mission Coordination Meeting
AMCMAmphibious Mine Countermeasures
AMCMAntique Motorcycle Club of Manitoba (Canada)
AMCMAir Movement Control Number (US Army)
AMCMAdaptive Multidimensional Coded Modulation
AMCMMaster Chief Aircraft Structural Mechanic (Naval rating)
AMCMAmarillo Medical Claims Management (Amarillo, TX)
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AMCM is one of the only organizations at the FBLA Conference giving students the opportunity to learn technologically advanced business skills by fundraising through their smartphones and tablets.
AMCM partnered with Victory Info Services to utilize Victory's 360's mobile platform.
In July 2009 the Republic of Korea requested a Foreign Military Sales purchase of eight Seahawk multimission AMCM helicopters.
Prior to the AMCM, the planner used available assets to continue detailed reconnaissance, and attempted to answer requests for information (RFIs) from the company commander who would be conducting the mission.
Meanwhile, Det 1 was busy providing vital AMCM countermine protection to coalition ships operating in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and Suez Canal approaches.
As a direct reflection of HM-15's accomplishments, the Blackhawks remained in Bahrain as the permanent forward-deployed MH-53E AMCM and heavy-lift VOD capability in the Fifth Fleet's area of responsibility.
Having supported the Navy's Mine Warfare Community since 1974, we bring a high level of directly related experience and expertise that gives us a solid understanding of the challenges that the AMCM program office may face in the years ahead," said Chick Baboyian, president of Vredenburg.
The harbor and port MCM problem will not ultimately be resolved using traditional AMCM, SMCM, UMCM assets," Rear Admiral Deborah A.
6 million contract awarded in October to integrate the Common Console with the AMCM system.
Designed by Lockheed Martin Systems Integration in Owego, NY, the Common Console will enable the AMCM operator aboard the aircraft to find and destroy mines at sea by launching and controlling the two mine detection systems and three mine neutralization systems that comprise the AMCM system.
The contract establishes a new funding increment for an earlier award that focused on design engineering and partial AMCM systems integration.
6 million, Lockheed Martin Systems Integration in Owego, NY will finish linking the Lockheed Martin- designed AMCM Common Console with the two mine detection systems and the three mine neutralization systems that comprise each AMCM suite.