AMCPAAmerican Managed Care Pharmacy Association
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AMCPA president Dennis Santo charged that the state boards of pharmacy are dominated by independent retail pharmacists.
Other pieces of legislation that have been opposed by the AMCPA are those that have dealt with mandatory patient counseling.
The AMCPA was created in 1975, when five companies formed the National Association of Mail Service Pharmacies.
While stressing that the AMCPA favors counseling, Konnor charges that some critics of the mail-order pharmacy industry want to portray counseling as a "motherhood and apple pie issue."
"The AMCPA calls for the availability of pharmacists to consult with patients on problems with, or questions regarding, their drug therapy at any time prior to, during or subsequent to drug therapy," Konnor says.
"There are several factors contributing to the growth of the mail-order pharmacies, including the rising cost of health care and an aging population that is using more maintenance drugs," says AMCPA executive vice president Delbert Konnor.