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AMDAAmerican Medical Directors Association
AMDAAcid Maltase Deficiency Association
AMDAAssociation of Medical Doctors of Asia (Nepal)
AMDAAmerican Musical Dramatic Academy
AMDAAutomated Microarray Data Analysis
AMDAAssociation of Medical Doctors for Asia
AMDAAutomated Multi-Dataset Analysis
AMDAAmerican Metal Detecting Association
AMDAAmerican Machinery Dealers Association
AMDAAmerican Metaphysical Doctors Association
AMDAArizona Mule Deer Association
AMDAAutomatic Meta Data Assignment
AMDAACTS Mobile Domain Assembly
AMDAAcceptable Minimum Detectable Activity
AMDAAsset Management and Disposition Agreement (US FDIC)
AMDAAustrian Medical Doctors Association
AMDAAsian Model Driven Architecture
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He was briefed about the areas of interest for collaboration with AMDA.
According to Rosales, of AMDA, there is also a great deal of corruption among the agencies responsible for verification of vehicles.
Lara no tuvo exito; en infinidad de ocasiones se quejo con la prensa de que la fraccion parlamentaria del PRI y la propia Secretaria de Finanzas y Planeacion enviarian esta solicitud a la "congeladora", pues aun con reuniones agendadas, funcionarios del gobierno y legisladores dejaban plantados a los empresarios de la AMDA.
AMDA is an automated malware detection system for the Android platform.
Moreover, Amda Energia managed to secure funding for the two solar projects from local Standard Bank.
AMDA attracts top talents from across the globe and many students go on to success in TV, Hollywood and Broadway.
And she hopes to emulate the success of previous AMDA students such as pop star Jason Derulo.
On 1 July, the new Defence Secretary, Lord Carrington, told the Defence and Overseas Policy Committee (OPD), Cabinet's most senior subcommittee on foreign policy and defence affairs, that AMDA would have to be renegotiated.
Paul Katz, AMDA vice president and chief of geriatrics atthe University of Rochester, N.
We conducted a review of all leprosy case records maintained at Claver Social Welfare Centre, Amda, Sararikela-Kharsawan District, Jharkhand during March 2006.
In particular, an AMDA report (2) reviewed UTI risk factors and found that they are not clearly defined in the elderly.
Later this month, or early next year, he and other AMDA volunteers plan to organize a meeting among children of one barrack and their new friends in other barracks they write to.