AMDARAircraft Meteorological Data Relay
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AMDAR soundings show slightly less moisture this evening than at this time yesterday.
AMDAR observations including moisture profiles have helped fill this data gap at many sites across the country, including differentiating between significantly different meteorological conditions that can exist between nearby airports (e.
Using this information, the area forecast discussion was modified to indicate that, although scattered thunderstorms were likely to occur, the chance of severe thunderstorms was very low, stating "The 1450 UTC AMDAR sounding is not overly favorable for convection .
The recent expansion in the number of AMDAR aircraft providing WVSS observations has allowed several NWP centers adequate data to begin conducting impact tests using these spatially and temporally denser moisture observations.
To provide more specific insight into the value of assimilated AMDAR moisture observations in operational models, an evaluation of the impact of WVSS observations in the Navy Global Environmental Model (NAVGEM; Hogan et al.
Tests conducted by numerous NWP centers over the past decade have concentrated on assessing the impact of AMDAR temperature and wind observations on the skill of regional and global NWP systems.
For 3 weeks in June 2002, operational runs of the RUC-2 using all AMDAR data were compared to experimental runs in which all aircraft wind and temperature reports below 350 hPa were removed.
Inclusion of aircraft ascent and descent data in the midtroposphere also improved most 3-9-h forecasts by 5%-9%, with the largest error reductions in the shortest forecast ranges when AMDAR data dominated both the initial condition and analysis background fields.
The cumulative impact of AMDAR observations received throughout the day was determined by comparing forecasts made with and without ascent and descent data from successive hourly RUC analysis updates between 0000 and 0900 UTC and 1200 and 2100 UTC with 12-h forecasts from 0000 and 1200 UTC.
AMDAR reports have positive impacts at all times and for all parameters, including indirect improvements in moisture forecasts.
It should be noted that for these tests, aircraft reports included not only AMDAR reports available on the WMO Global Telecommunications System (GTS), but other sources.