AMDCAdvanced Monitor Deflection Control
AMDCAdvanced Micro Distribution Channels (Edison, New Jersey)
AMDCAdult Medical Day Care (various organizations)
AMDCAtomic Mass Data Center
AMDCAdvanced Medical Diagnostic Center
AMDCAdaptive Modulation and Diversity Combining
AMDCAdvanced Manufacturing Development Center
AMDCArmy Missile Defense Command
AMDCApparel Manufacturing Demonstration Center
AMDCAustralian Mycotoxin Data Centre
AMDCAd Majorem Dei Gloriam (Latin: To the Greater Glory of God)
AMDCAutomated Maintenance Data Collection
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11a y 11b muestran la diferencia que existe al simular la cinematica directa de velocidad lineal del robot con la interfaz AMDC RV-M1 usando como datos de entrada los valores obtenidos al simular la cinematica inversa de velocidad, contra los valores obtenidos de la medicion utilizando el DAQ.
The simulations results over NEDC (top), AUDC (middle) and AMDC (bottom), obtained using the benchmark optimizer, are shown in the figure.
Another crucial step towards gender parity is the completion of a gender review and analysis of four key documents -- the AMV, the Action Plan for the implementation of the AMV, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa and the Commodities Strategy concept note -- by the AUC's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and AMDC, with the support of UN Women's East and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO).
The Vision of the AMDC is to become the Facilitator of choice to enable AU member States realise the Africa Mining Vision.
Future therapeutic approaches should focus on reducing exogenic SM intake, utilizing new SM blockers, and synthesizing AMDC inhibitors.
AMDC is a syndicate of companies supporting product development activities with a wide variety of technical capabilities.
The AMDC consists of three "Focus Factories," which can be considered stand-alone manufacturing operations.
AMDC has partnered with the ECA's African Centre for Gender (ACG) and UN Women to undertake comprehensive studies on women in ASM.
The AMDC aims to help the implementation of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV), a continent wide attempt to ensure the "transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of Africa's mineral resources to underpin broad-based sustainable growth and socioeconomic development".
Syed Asad Ali, managing partner of AMDC told journalists, told Times of Oman after the signing ceremony that the project's design and build consultants, Australian firm Sanderson, are now starting the final design and the Ministry of Tourism has already given provisional approval for the project.
Majarat Oman, strategically located at Al Sawadi, halfway between Muscat and Sohar, will be able to accommodate 3,000 visitors a day or half a million people in a year, Syed Asad Ali, managing partner of AMDC told journalists, after the signing ceremony.