AMDEAtmospheric Mercury Depletion Event (chemistry)
AMDEAdverse Medical Device Event (medical safety)
AMDEAustin Metamorphosis Dance Ensemble (Round Rock, TX)
AMDEAssociation Marocaine des Droits des Femmes (French: Moroccan Association of Women's Rights; Casa Blanca, Morocco)
AMDEAssistant Manager for Defense and Energy Programs
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They recruited Amde of the soon-to-be Watts Prophets, and they recruited this dramatist/artist Ed Bereal, who had this group called the Bodacious Buguerrillas, and Odie Hawkins and Emory Evans did it.
[42] Manish Amde, Tomaz Felicijan, Aristeidis Efthymiou, Douglas Edwards, and Luciano Lavagno, "Asynchronous on-chip networks," in Computers and Digital Techniques, IEE Proceedings-, 2005, pp.
[19.] Amde M, Megersa N, Taddesse AM and T Bedassa Determination of the levels of selected metals in seeds, flowers and fruits of medicinal plants used for tapeworm treatment in Ethiopia.
Conoci a Altagracia en mis primeros acercamientos al campo, a la plaza de Aravaca, en el mes de mayo de 1993; era una de las mujeres que frecuentaba esta plaza en sus dias libres y participaba en uno de los grupos de educacion de adultas que habia organizado la Asociacion de Mujeres Dominicanas en Espana (AMDE) (14) en aquellos anos.
He pointed out, in this regard, that the Agency amde an invitation to nominate a number of the staff of the Rehabilitation and Reform Department to participate in a training course in the criminal justice field.
(i) angle modulated PSO (AMPSO) and angle modulated DE (AMDE) that incorporate a trigonometric function as a bit string generator into the classic PSO and DE algorithms, respectively;
you you should nott have this E-mail addres and I amde a mastake with your mumber!
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Raman Singh said in Jagdalpur the fight against Maoism can only be successful if a joint effort is amde to combat the menace.
El objetivo principal fue plantear y coordinar propuestas y metodos de trabajo que disminuyeran las posibles lagunas existentes en la disponibilidad de datos geograficos comparables, conforme a un modelo comun y georreferenciados, con el fin de alcanzar criterios comunes que establezcan una tipologia en cuanto a areas territoriales, (AMDE, 2002) trabajando en distintos subsistemas relacionados con la armonizacion de cartografia, la puesta en comun de informacion territorial y la coordinacion en el planeamiento.
The Scarlets will run out at Stade Amde Domenech for their Amlin Challenge Cup quarter-final showdown with Brive.