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AMDGAd Majorem Dei Gloriam (Latin: to the greater glory of God - motto of the Society of Jesus)
AMDGAgency Medical Directors' Group (Washington)
AMDGAsian Media Development Group (Philippines)
AMDGAcromesomelic Dysplasia, Grebe Type
AMDGAnother Mother's Darling Gone - witty variation of the motto of the Jesuits, referring to the Jesuit seminary :-)
AMDGAerospace Medicine Group
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AMDG Financial is one of five to eight approved advisers for each school district and Schoolcraft College.
In August 1967, Edward Rice stopped publishing the magazine, and AMDG Publishing dissolved.
The name of Jubilee's parent company, AMDG Publishing, was taken from the Latin, ad majorem dei gloriam, "for the greater glory of God.
Una anecdota ilustrara esos subrepticios trastupijes: estudiaba yo en el colegio de lo jesuitas de Guadalajara (no me acusen de detractor de la Compania como al gran don Ramon Perez de Ayala, autor de la novela AMDG.
In New Orleans, reader John Wisinger saw a car in front of a Jesuit high school that sports AMDG, shorthand for the Ignatian motto Ad maiorem Dei gloriam ("To the greater glory of God").
Inside the letters AMDG (the Jesuit motto ad majorem dei gloriam or to the glory of God) are images of people expressing their Catholic faith in various acts.
Additionally, AMDG recruits, screens, trains, and qualifies individuals for employment with Fortune 500 companies on a local, regional, and national basis.
the railroad and shipping firm, teamed up with the Job Corps center in Glenmont, NY, and AMDG to train future employees.
AMDG is positioned to offer a comprehensive program for work force development with: