AMDISAssociation of Medical Directors of Information Systems
AMDISAutomated Mass Spectral Deconvolution and Identification System
AMDISAtomic and Molecular Data Information System
AMDISAustralian Marine Data Information Service
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Thus AMDIS (Automated mass spectral Deconvolution and identification system) is the freeware program that is based on this principle.
We used AMDIS and both NIST and Fiehn libraries to identify the most likely metabolites from the features differentially present as a function of PCOS status, obesity, or their interaction.
There are other LinkedIn groups such as HIMSS, AMIA, and AMDIS where you can join discussions and contribute your insights surrounding health IT.
Our aim in this study was to evaluate the applicability of AMDIS for automated evaluation data files from routine GC-MS-based STA in urine by using a modified target library version of the Maurer/Pfleger/ Weber MPW_2007 (27).
While several instrument manufacturers and third-party data analysis software packages like AMDIS provide rudimentary deconvolution functions in their GC/MS packages, none are able to distinguish the presence of multiple coeluting compounds unequivocally.
At the annual AMDIS Physician Symposium last month, the annual gathering of CMIOs and other medical informaticist executives, sponsored by the Association of Medical Directors of Information Systems (AMDIS), held in Ojai, Calif.
Fortunately, at the same time as their CMIOs' roles have been maturing, CMIOs have been reaching out to each other through such channels as the AMDIS listserv.
As a variety of developments and trends in healthcare intensify the demand for patient care organizations to useclinical and other data to analyze and improve clinical and financial performance and overall effectiveness, the chief medical information officer (CMIO) role is becoming more and more firmly entrenched in patient care organizations of all kinds, a new survey released at the AMDIS Physician-Computer Connection Symposium this summer in Ojai, Calif, confirms.