AMDLAdvanced Micronic Devices Limited (est. 1982; Bangalore, India)
AMDLAnatolia Minerals Development Ltd. (Turkey)
AMDLAbstract Module Description Language
AMDLApproximate Minimum Description Length
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To further demonstrate the critical role of Amdl in ESC self-renewal, die scientists showed that increasing Amdl levels led to delayed ESC differentiation.
"The polyamines that Amdl regulate have the potential to regulate many different aspects of self renewal and differentiation," said Dr.
In addition to China, AMDL believes both products will be good candidates for export to the North American and European markets.
According to Gary Dreher, chief executive officer of AMDL, "With the popularity of the Goodnak brand in China, combined with JPI's ability to sell through pre-approved distribution channels, we anticipate sales to exceed well beyond our initial annual sales forecast for Goodnak of $24 million."
Additionally, AMDL has patents and patents pending claiming novel animal models and methods for using these.
"Potential products in the multi-billion dollar global cancer market are being sought by major pharmaceutical and other companies and we believe our therapy has significant, important features to offer to these firms," said Gary Dreher, AMDL President and CEO.
AMDL is a theranostics company, meaning it is involved both in the treatment of cancer, with the CIT therapy, and in its detection, with the DR-70(R) cancer blood test kit.
Furthermore, a joint venture between Briana and AMDL Inc.
The actual technology was developed and is owned by AMDL Inc., of which Briana owns approximately 15 percent.
Pour sa part, le directeur general de l'Agence marocaine pour le developpement de la logistique (AMDL), Younes Tazi, a fait savoir que le developpement du secteur de la logistique est un facteur determinant dans le succes de tout operateur economique qu'il soit industriel, agricole, commercial ou autre, ajoutant que ce secteur constitue un facteur cle du succes des differentes strategies sectorielles mises en place par le Royaume (Emergence, Plan Maroc Vert).
La strategie nationale de logistique est un chantier ambitieux qui sera pilote par l'Agence marocaine de developpement de la logistique (AMDL) dont la mission consiste, entre autres, a planifier et a definir le schema directeur d'implantation des zones logistiques et a realiser les etudes relatives a ces plateformes.