AMDPAdvanced Management Development Program
AMDPAgricultural Mechanization Development Program (Philippines)
AMDPAircraft Maintenance Delayed for Parts
AMDPAdenosine Monophosphate Deaminase
AMDPAir and Missile Defense Plan
AMDPAsset Management and Disposition Plan
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I am finding Harvard's AMDP to be extremely valuable, and I believe the course work will enhance my abilities to direct The Benenson Capital Company through a new generation of leadership," Kessler said.
The AMDP is now in its second year and has attracted and enrolled many of the real estate industry's most senior executives for its six-week program.
The Rockstar Yearbook -- Pictures of current and former AMDP associates by college, providing answers to common questions.
The Prudential's AMDP CD's are available at 11 college and university career placement offices including: Brown University, Carnegie Mellon, Columbia University, Cornell University, Duke University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Swarthmore, University of Pennsylvania, Wellesley and William & Mary.
The decrease in revenue was partially offset by increased volume under the AMDP program which was fully operational beginning in the third quarter of 2011.
3%, during the three months ended June 29, 2012, compared to the three months ended July 1, 2011, primarily as a result of the decreases in volume discussed above partially offset by increased volume under the AMDP program for the three months ended June 29, 2012.
The increase was primarily driven by increase in revenue on the AMDP and CSTC-A programs.
As mentioned above, the AMDP program substantially replaced the CivPol Afghanistan program, carrying lower margins with certain components not eligible for fee as compared to the more favorable contract structure under the CivPol Afghanistan program.
2 million from the comparable 2010 period primarily due to the loss of the LCCS programs, lower earnings from GLS, lower profitability on the MRAP program as it transitioned to a sustainment mode, and lower margins on the AMDP program compared to the program it replaced, CivPol Afghanistan ("ACAS").
1%, compared to fourth quarter and calendar year 2010, respectively, in the Training and Mentoring BAT was driven primarily by the AMDP program, which became fully operational in the third quarter of 2011 along with the CSTC-A program.
9 million for the year ended December 30, 2011, was primarily due to revenue contributions on such programs as LOGCAP IV, AMDP and CivPol.