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The AMDP study protocol was approved by the Institutional Review Boards (IRB) of all participating clinical centers.
Within the full AMDP cohort, a random subsample of 253 participants at 5 of the 89 participating clinical centers was selected to assess the reliability and predictive validity of the ROAD assessment instrument.
Overall, participants in the reliability and validity sample were comparable to all participants in the AMDP study.
The AMDP, the first of its kind, is an intensive educational program for real estate entrepreneurs and senior managers with 15-25 years of experience.
Harvard's AMDP is a six-week program divided into four segments, and can be completed in one year.
I am finding Harvard's AMDP to be extremely valuable, and I believe the course work will enhance my abilities to direct The Benenson Capital Company through a new generation of leadership," Kessler said.