AMECOAmerican Equipment Company (various locations)
AMECOAircraft Maintenance and Engineering Corporation
AMECOAssociation of Missing and Exploited Children's Organizations
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En el primer caso, los tipos de interes de los paises se han obtenido de AMECO (EC, 2016) y la OECD (2016) y los tipos del BEI de los informes Anuales del BEI (1991-2015), mientras que los datos para las otras dos variables se han obtenido de AMECO (EC, 2016).
Finally, it should be noted that for Germany, AMECO publishes two series: the first for 1960-1991, under the title "West Germany", and another for 1991-2015, under the name "Germany", covering the post-unification era.
2007=100), 2007-2013: Fuente: Elaboracion propia en base AMECO (Annual macro-economic database--Comision Europea)--* datos estimados
The original solar pool heater, installed by AMECO in 1981, was removed in order to replace the roof and make way for more efficient solar panels that will offset the energy needed to heat the pools.
Definitions and symbols as in AMECO Database, January 2013, unless stated otherwise.
Figure 1: The Portuguese series is real GDP per capita from AMECO, the U.
1 Source: AMECO Table 2b: Deficit Countries Current Account Balance (per cent of GDP): The Deficit Pole Ireland Spain Greece Portugal 1999 0.
of Beijing recently implemented a new content management and publishing system to automatically update its maintenance, repair, and overhaul manuals, said Gan Desheng, IT manager at AMECO.
Under the five-year contract AMECO will acquire, manage and maintain JPSCo's existing 550+-unit fleet, which includes vehicles, vans and construction equipment, said Gary Bernardez, president of AMECO.
Replace California in this marvelous story with the flush, beachy environs of pre-war Lebanon, with the millions belonging to the Zahid family of Connecticut, New York, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain (the Zahid family are principal board members of the Saudi-based Zahid AMECO, the Arabian Motors and Engineering Company), and you have something approaching the real-life history of an institution in New York called the Dahesh Museum of Art.
United Rentals, Prime/RSC and AMECO each have operations in the country.