AMEDDArmy Medical Department (US Army)
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AMEDD's history is outlined from its beginnings in 1775 under the Continental Army to the achievements of the 21st century.
Veteran medics, who serve as instructors, quickly incorporate lessons learned from battlefield experiences into the training programs, and share them within the Army Medical Department using Medical Warfighter Forum and the AMEDD Issue Program ( suite/page/131414).
The issue of radiation safety is often tackled by CBRN leaders in brigade combat teams, but AMEDD has dedicated professionals for that purpose.
Many of the MLT instructors at the AMEDD Center and School have combat experience and use their experience when training new students just starting the MLT course.
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Participate in medical symposiums endorsed by USAMMA and AMEDD. They provide great sources of information, permit direct interaction with vendors, and allow you to learn about new technologies and medical supplies.
Like its civilian counterparts, AMEDD has encountered challenges in its efforts to build a framework supporting the standardized process such as inconsistent documentation and communication breakdowns at key transition points of medication use.
As logistics is the foundation of the DOD's operational capabilities, so medical logistics (MEDLOG) is the foundation of the Army Medical Department's (AMEDD's) capabilities.
Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, briefed the audience on the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Advanced Technology Initiative (AAMTI) and the development of the Amputee Virtual Environment Support Space (AVESS).
That is largely thanks to support he got from his participation in the AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program.
However, this currently is not possible because ABCS and Army Medical Department (AMEDD) digital medical logistics systems do not have interface capabilities.