AMEDDArmy Medical Department (US Army)
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Changing "command" to "control" and emphasizing this paradigm shift in the AMEDD Center and School may fix the disparity and bridge the gap in doctrine.
Veteran medics, who serve as instructors, quickly incorporate lessons learned from battlefield experiences into the training programs, and share them within the Army Medical Department using Medical Warfighter Forum and the AMEDD Issue Program (https://www.
The issue of radiation safety is often tackled by CBRN leaders in brigade combat teams, but AMEDD has dedicated professionals for that purpose.
Fetter, "Sustaining AMEDD Professional Strength," 11.
To stay abreast of new ideas and procedures, use sources that are objective and informative, such as the AMEDD Lessons Learned webpage, the General Dennis J.
Surgeon General William Sternberg and the AMEDD escaped most of the blame, with responsibility assigned to Congress for not funding the department adequately and restricting the number of regular Army physicians.
That is largely thanks to support he got from his participation in the AMEDD Enlisted Commissioning Program.
AMEDD recently developed enhanced digital tracking systems to use with the Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) system and TCAM.
When the AMEDD immunized the Army against smallpox during the Revolutionary War, the AMEDD proved that mass immunization was effective, and subsequent global campaigns eradicated the disease.
Project includes ALMS Customer Service Center Functional support and courseware testing, and MEDCOM AHLTA Provider Satisfaction (MAPS) training for Army AMEDD both CONUS and OCONUS.