AMEDPAllied Medical Publication (NATO)
AMEDPAlliance of Micro-Enterprise Development Practitioners (South Africa)
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STANAGs for which the CBRNMedWG is responsible STANAG Number AMedP or Title Date AJMedP Promulgated Number STANAG 2358, AMedP-47 First Aid and Hygiene 5 Jan 09 Ed.
A nation that produces water which does not comply with all the requirements of the Allied Medical Publication (AMedP) must maintain a document detailing what procedures or parameters of the AMedP are not met, and provide a copy to the nation or nations who would receive the water.
The new Standardization Agreement 2556 will replace Standardization Agreements 2541 and 2550, and will cover AMedP-25: Food Safety, Defense, and Production Standards in Deployed Operations, (4) and another AMedP which has not yet received a numerical designator, "Inspection of Food Services Catering Facilities on Deployed Operations," in addition to AMedP-20.