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AMEEAssociation for Medical Education in Europe
AMEEAvoiding Mass Extinctions Engine
AMEEApplications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics (Conference)
AMEEAutonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion (the robot in the movie 'Red Planet')
AMEEAfrica, Middle East and Eastern Europe
AMEEAutomated Morphological Endmember Extraction
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Eighty designers, developers and medical experts from around the world will gather in Glasgow to solve the most pressing technology issues in medical education during AMEE Hacks, a 48-hour hackathon presented by the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE).
The agreement is born out of common principles between Steve Burt, CEO of EQ2 and Gavin Starks, CEO of AMEE.
Mantra's association with AMEE is another step in the development of our carbon reduction market place and our commitment to helping people and business understand and take action in reducing their environmental impact," said Larry Kristof, Mantra's president and CEO.
Val Kilmer comes face to face with AMEE, a once-friendly robot ally that has since gone on a deadly rampage, in the mindless sci-fi Mars story ``Red Planet.
Through a new partnership with AMEE, SAS customers of the new energy and emissions management product will have access to the most up-to-date emissions factors from a single source.
About Amee Rubber AMEE RUBBER offers a wide range of services right from compounding to tool designing and R&D to manufacturing of products all under one roof.
The Open Data Institute (ODI) has announced the appointment of founder of environmental data website AMEE, Gavin Starks, as its new CEO.
AMEE is a software as a service (SaaS) that captures activity-based energy and emissions data and provides an emissions calculation engine to analyze the data.
Sharing the science of Mount Everest is a goal of our team, and combining our two objectives in one expedition is a fitting tribute to the 1963 AMEE team," Anker said.
The AMEE award winners will be showcased at Pack Expo International scheduled for October 29 to November 2 in Chicago.
Shirley, 47, who currently serves as Senior Vice President, Global Value Chain and Global Marketing Resources, will now be responsible for the sales and trade marketing of the Company's product line in Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and AMEE (Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe).