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AMEEAssociation for Medical Education in Europe
AMEEAvoiding Mass Extinctions Engine
AMEEApplications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics (Conference)
AMEEAutonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion (the robot in the movie 'Red Planet')
AMEEAfrica, Middle East and Eastern Europe
AMEEAutomated Morphological Endmember Extraction
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Therefore, AMEE measure is the entropy of Michelson contrast for each block [B.
La AMEE contribuye y promueve la excelencia en educacion medica favoreciendo el intercambio, utilizando los diferentes medios de comunicacion y de informacion entre sus participantes.
The agreement is born out of common principles between Steve Burt, CEO of EQ2 and Gavin Starks, CEO of AMEE.
Mantra's association with AMEE is another step in the development of our carbon reduction market place and our commitment to helping people and business understand and take action in reducing their environmental impact," said Larry Kristof, Mantra's president and CEO.
When Pettengil commits an act of treachery, he runs afoul of the mad dog AMEE, the design of which reps one of the few elements here that will set genre fans talking; made of gleaming pistons and imaginatively moving parts, this ambiguous creature is a fabulous futuristic toy, capable of good and evil, although it enlivens the proceedings only occasionally.
He said the council had applied for this membership in October 2010 and the final decision about the membership of Pakistan in AMEEMR was taken in Vienna, Austria by the AMEE after presentation by the Registrar PMDC, Dr.
The company has also signed a non-binding term sheet with Easy Dealer group, a division of AMEE Easy Software Solutions, to take over its revenue and commission software business and eventually AMEE East Software Solutions itself.
The Open Data Institute (ODI) has announced the appointment of founder of environmental data website AMEE, Gavin Starks, as its new CEO.