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In response, I would note that since AG is receiving serious attention from respected scientific bodies (IPCC, 2014; Shepherd et al., 2009) and that some scientists are calling for near-term deployment of AG (AMEG, 2012), we should look for ways to ameliorate ethically problematic features of AG now, since certain agents might deploy it in the future even if doing so is not ethically permissible.
Estes grupos eram divididos entre: aqueles filiados a LMDT, representados pelo presidente do Athletico, que defendiam Associacao Mineira de Esportes (AME); e os clubes considerados "dissidentes" e filiados a AMEG, representados pelo presidente do America, propunham e sustentavam que a nova entidade fosse Liga Amadora de Futebol (LAF).
"This situation opens the possibility for our industry to recover the 40% of the domestic market that we lost since the start of NAFTA," said Juan Barrio Aguirre, president of the Asociacion Mexicana de Engordadores de Ganado Bovino (AMEG).
SECOFI agreed to launch the investigation in October 1998 at the request of the Confederacion Nacional Ganadera (CNG) and affiliate organizations, including the Asociacion Mexicana de Engordadores de Ganado Bovino (AMEG) and cattle-producer groups in Chihuahua, Tabasco, and Veracruz states (see SourceMex, 1998-11-04).