AMEGAssociation for Measurement and Evaluation in Guidance
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In addition, colistin should be reclassified and added to Category 2 of the AMEG classification system, which includes medicines reserved for treating infections in animals for which no effective alternative treatments exist.
AMEG is a multi-disciplinary group of experts with representatives from the CVMP and the CHMP, the CVMP Antimicrobials Working Party and the CHMP Infectious Diseases Working Party, as well as experts from the European Food Safety Authority, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the joint interagency antimicrobial consumption and resistance analysis report.
Informacion de AMEG (2007) senala que entre un rango de precio de maiz de $1,650 a $2,400 la tonelada, por cada 100 pesos de incremento, en el precio de la tonelada del grano, el costo de produccion de 1 kg de ganancia de peso vivo en el corral se encarece en $0.
De la informacion publicada en la revista anual de la AMEG, de 2008, se desprende que entre el periodo 2006 a 2009, la participacion de los gastos operativos diferentes al concepto de alimento, han pasado de ser del 18%, en 2006, a 12% para 2009.
The AMEG project will maintain its flexibility with its Libya assistance to adapt to the changing needs of Libya and USAID.
In an interview with the daily business newspaper El Economista, AMEG president Enrique Lopez said the imports of inexpensive beef products had caused the Mexican cattle industry 440,000 jobs between 1995 and 1998.
Mexican producers ask SECOFI to guard against loopholes Spokespersons for the CNG and the AMEG said they were pleased by the SECOFI action, but also warned the government to guard against loopholes in the ruling.
Ahora, la carne entra barata, pero cuando se acabe la produccion nacional los que tienen el oligopolio en Estados Unidos van a decidir los precios y, sin dumping, la encareceran enormemente; asi ocurrio con la leche en polvo que se importaba a 800 dolares la tonelada, pero se acabo el hato mexicano y hoy se tiene que comprar a 2 mil dolares", advierte Enrique Lopez, de la AMEG.
As digital imaging cameras become more advanced, capturing larger high resolution files, the demand increases for faster and more efficient ways to manage photo and video data, giving shooters peace of mind theyll never miss a critical shot, said Darin Scott, President of Sonys AMEG, Americas Media and Energy Group.