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AMELActive Matrix Electro Luminescent
AMELAirplane, Multi-Engine Land
AMELActive Matrix Electro-Luminescent
AMELAsian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (university curriculum)
AMELAcute Megakaryoblastic Leukemia
AMELAeromedical Equipment Laboratory
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beaucoup moins que] El Amel et El Thakafa apporteront, a coup sur, une plus-value ainsi qu'une nouvelle vision dans le champ culturel et mediatique [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il assure.
As a nonsectarian organization founded in 1979, Amel has been offering services to refugees --Syrian, Lebanese and others -- from its numerous centers across Lebanon.
It was in 1982, after Israel's invasion of Lebanon, that the founding supreme guide of the Iranian theocracy, Imam Ruhullah Khomeini, had his long-standing desire to have in Lebanon's Jabal Amel a well-armed organisation named Hizbullah.
With the exception of two sloops, the Amel lineage has a number of consistent characteristics: ketch rigs; well-protected centre cockpits, with steering position offset to port and companionway to starboard; solid stainless steel guardrails right around the deck; powered sail-handling systems; a skeg-hung rudder and a well-protected propeller.
Amel Kaboul ajoute qu'elle n'etait pas a elle seule, surprise par ce jugement negatif, mais egalement les entreprises de publicite avec lesquelles le ministere coopere.
Amel's family Forty-year-old widow Amel, not her real name, and her five children abandoned their home in Sa'ada's central al-Safra District during the sixth Sa'ada war when her husband was killed by gunfire while farming their plot of land.
JOMANA ABU-FARAH DOHA AMEL Sdi-Cherif and Beatrice Truyffaut, two French speaking expatriates living in Doha for eight years, have been passionately serving the French speaking community since 2007.
30) of forming the preparatory technical committee of the comprehensive national dialogue as following: The decree's first article stipulated to amend the committee's tasks and to correct the name of Amel Houssain al-Basha to Amel Mohammed Abass al-Basha.
In the old days, and by that I mean 10 years ago, before the Internet changed everything, the model was all about control," says Arash Amel, research director for IHS Screen Digest.
Mohammad Amel, who has been working for the mill for a week, claimed: "I saw books and copies of the Quran in the backyard of the company.
Normally you have to be on best behaviour to even be considered for that wing," the Sun quoted Amel Sahbaz, whose brother Samel is in Highpoint, as saying.
The same view is held by Ja'fari religious authorities elsewhere in the Muslim world, including Jabal Amel in southern Lebanon, whose Ja'fari theologians played a key role in the conversion of a Turkoman-led society in Persia in the 16th century AD.