AMELIAssurance Maladie en Ligne (French)
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The news claimed that Ameli in one of his speeches allegedly blamed Azerbaijani side for the tragic events and voiced ideas contradicting Iran's official position on the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
Ameli told Iran-based FARS news agency: "The Saudi regime, together with America, the UN, the UN Security Council and the mischief-making servants of the palace had received permission to attack Yemen and meddle in its internal affairs, from Saudi Arabia's Wahhabi clerics.
Medifast Inc (NYSE:MED), a manufacturer and provider of clinically proven, weight-loss products and programmes, announced on Thursday that it has appointed Mona Ameli as president of Take Shape For Life, the company's direct selling division.
Leopard for best Actress: Taraneh Allidousti, actress in the film "Man, Taraneh, Panzdeh Sal Daram" by Rassul Sadr Ameli (Iran)
Ameli testified that Simpson said her former husband ``was coming towards her to talk to her outside their daughter's music recital and that as he got close, she told him to `f off.
Ameli relates the pic's action in a series of long, entrancing takes, and co-writers Peyman Qasemkhani and Fereydoun Farhudi's dialogue is exceptionally sly and perceptive on matters of pubescent arrogance and discontent.
Next door in Los Angeles County, Mark Ameli had the endorsement of the LA County Democraric Party.
Fifteen-year-old Iranian thesp Pega Ahangariani won best actress for "The Girl in Sneakers" by Iranian director Rassul Sadr Ameli, while best actor went to Egyptian thesp Mahmoud Abdel Aziz for "Pleasure Market" by Egyptian director Samir Seif.
Navid 2 satellite which was renamed as Tadbir by the eleventh government (President Rouhani's government) will be sent into the space in the near future," Former Chancellor of Science and Industry University Mohammad Saeed Jabal Ameli told reporters in February.
Mark Ameli was seeking a position as judge on the LA County Superior Court.
Without a passport, Gholam-Reza Ameli, who has fought the Islamic Republic, has sat in Canadian custody for almost four years.
An Iranian-American judge is one of eight candidates looking to replace a retiring judge on the Los Angeles County Superior Court; if Mark Ameli is elected to the seat next month, he would be the third Iranian-American elected to a Superior Court judgeship in California.