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AMELXAmelogenin X Gene (human genetics)
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6] Human genes: DMD, dystrophin (muscular dystrophy, Duchenne and Becker types); AMELX, amelogenin (amelogenesis imperfecta 1, X-linked); AMELY, amelogenin, Y-linked.
This method interrogates the sex-typing loci AMELX [amelogenin (amelogenesis imperfecta 1, X-linked)] and AMELY (amelogenin, Y-linked), 2 pentanucleotide-repeat loci (Penta D and Penta E), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's 13 Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) STR loci.
12] Human genes: GH1, growth hormone 1, also known as HSHGN; AMELX, amelogenin, X-linked; AMELY, amelogenin, Y-linked, also known as HUMAMELY.