AMEMBAmerican Embassy
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Vang Pao welcomed this development, for it meshed with his desire to weaken clan and village loyalties and concentrate his people into larger political units (Wing, US COIN Ops in Laos, 1955-1962, pp C-:-29, C-30; msg, AmEmb Vientiane to SECSTATE, A-65, Aug 30, 1971; Anthony, pg.
"On Order CTF-59 conducts an assisted departure of designated personnel from AMEMB [American Embassy] Beirut, Lebanon to Intermediate Staging Bases (ISB) in order to support Department of State and safeguard American citizens."
Itcould notbeeasierbe coming amemb erofour BingoClubsimply fill in the application formthatisprinted in Monday'sDailyPost.