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This result also contrasts with those that indicate better performance for fundamental indexation in other countries (Basu & Forbes, 2014; Mar et al., 2009; Estrada, 2008; Hemminki & Puttonen, 2008; Hsu & Campollo, 2006), but is consistent with those that were not conclusive about this (Ferri, 2014; Amenc, Goltz, Lodh, & Martellini, 2012; Walkshausl & Lobe, 2010; Blitz & Swinkels, 2008).
Amenc, N., Goltz, F., Lodh, A., & Martellini, L.
It has been observed that the driving force behind the carbon efficient investment is the social responsibility of the investors (Amenc, Goltz & Tang, 2010).
Professor No[R];l Amenc has resigned as director of the EDHEC-Risk Institute.
Amenc founded EDHEC-Risk Institute, which is part of EDHEC Business School, in 2001.
Conforme lo observado por Noel Amenc, director de un centro de investigaciones en la Escuela de los Altos Estudios Comerciales (Edhec), "el CPE transmite un mensaje negativo al sistema bancario, el de una clientela de la cual los flujos de renta pueden ser interrumpidos en cualquier momento y a la cual, por tanto, es arriesgado efectuar prestamos".
2011; Choueifaty and Coignard 2008 and Amenc, Goltz, Martellini and Retkowsky 2010).
Amenc, Noel, Felix Goltz, Lionel Martellini, and Patrice Retkowsky (2011), "Efficient Indexation: An Alternative to Cap-Weighted Indices," Journal of Investment Management 9(41): 40-52.
By using an improved estimator ofthe covariance structure of hedge fund index returns, Amenc and Martellini (2002) prove that a portfolio including hedge funds can have a significantly smaller volatility (on an out-of-sample basis), while having almost the same mean return.
"The Executive MSc offered by EDHEC-Risk Institute will help the investment profession bridge the gap between research advances and industry practices by providing practitioners with the tools to improve the organisation of the risk and investment management process, optimise each of its steps, and integrate investor needs and constraints in the design of novel solutions for institutional, private and retail investment management," says Director of EDHEC-Risk Institute Noel Amenc.