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AMENDAssociation for the Mentally Disabled (est. 1992; India)
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The zeal for attempts to amend, prior to the establishment of the Constitution, must abate in every man who is ready to accede to the truth of the following observations of a writer equally solid and ingenious: "To balance a large state or society [says he], whether monarchical or republican, on general laws, is a work of so great difficulty, that no human genius, however comprehensive, is able, by the mere dint of reason and reflection, to effect it.
Hattersley; if God had heard half your invocations of that kind, you would have been in hell long before now - and you cannot make amends for the past by doing your duty for the future, inasmuch as your duty is only what you owe to your Maker, and you cannot do more than fulfil it: another must make amends for your past delinquencies.
He listened with all due deference; acknowledged that he had heard many people say the samebut yet he must confess, that to him nothing could make amends for the want of the fine glow of health.
I assure you the utmost stretch of public fame would not make me amends for the loss of any happiness in private life.
Unto my children will I make amends for being the child of my fathers: and unto all the future--for THIS present-day
As the best amends I can make you for having ever gone into it, I make known to you, as a warning, what Wegg has found out.
It seems to me, after maturely thinking it over, that the best amends for having got out of the square is to get back into the square.
First, before 2009, some courts limited defendants' abilities to amend without leave, applying the "narrow" approach.
2 : to change the wording or meaning of : alter <Congress voted to amend the law.