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AMENOAntiracist Multicultural Education Network of Ontario (Canada)
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E mentre tenta di convincere sua madre che dovrebbe essere orgogliosa della gloria di Liborio, non puo tuttavia fare ameno di piangere nell'atto stesso in cui ricorda.
When he is twelve, he pays an extended visit to the capricious Marchioness de Prado Ameno and enters into a relationship that alternatively exposes him to both luxury and brutality.
Though our hotel in Ischia's elegant port of Lacco Ameno, the Regina Palace and Royal, lived up to its swanky five-star reputation with a price to match, you can get a decent room for pounds 30 in the beach resort of Forio or the pretty coastal spa town of Casamicciola Terme.
State-run Habaguanex SA will soon offer a new lodging in Old Havana, the four-star Hotel Marques de Prado Ameno.
3) Theatro Comico Portuguez, 4 vols (Lisbon: Francis Luiz Ameno, 1744/1744/1760/1761).
Yuasa describes parallels between the Old Testament character Miriam, who is sometimes thought to be the sister of Moses, and Ameno Uzume, the legendary Japanese singer, dancer and goddess, who is found in the nation's earliest literary works.
Agosto's last lines curtly describe Rio de Janeiro's atmospheric conditions for August 24, 1954: "Foi um dia ameno, de sol.
The Reverend Father Ludovicus (Luigi) Maria Sinistrari de Ameno is the author of the theological classic Demoniality, which explains that the world is populated by ethereal beings who frequently appear to mortals, seeking sexual favors from them.
CLINBIO 2004--14th International Conference on Laboratory Medicine and 11th European Conference of Clinical Molecular Biology will take place September 23-26, 2004, at L"Albergo della Regina Isabella", Lacco Ameno, Ischia, Naples, Italy.
The wedding will take place in seaside town Lacco Ameno, setting for Jude Law film The Talented Mr Ripley.
Il paesaggio ameno nelle opere di Giovanni Boccaccio.
Philip Rothwell, trainer of Ameno and Ma Ani "With the conditions drying out all the time Ameno could struggle on the fast ground, but Ma Ani should love it and receives plenty of weight.