AMEOAutomobile Manufacturers Employers Organisation (South Africa)
AMEO3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane (chemical)
AMEOAssistant Marine Engineering Officer (Royal Australian Navy)
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The result indicates that AMEO and GPS effectively interact with the PC resin and nSi[0.
whereas AMEO modification shows around 42% improvement both at 50[degrees]C and 100[degrees]C and 27% at 200[degrees]C.
2] AMEO Tensile modulus (MPa) Impact strength (J/m) Sample 50[degrees]C 75[degrees]C UN N PC 1625 1515 621 104.
It is evident that adhesion parameter increases on surface treatment with GPS and AMEO.
We believe that the best means of expanding its adoption and evolution comes by donating the source code to Ameos users.
ScopeSET, a leading expert in Ameos technology, has partnered with Aonix in this open source initiative.
With a long history of developing and supporting Ameos and MDA tools, ScopeSET is pleased to lend its expertise to this important Aonix initiative," said Armin Mueller of ScopeSET.
Ameos is the second major technology contributed by Aonix to the open source community this year.
Under the terms of the Ameos open source agreement, a "clean" open source version of Ameos, called OpenAmeos, has been created to ensure that anyone installing a new version of Ameos will be able to use it freely without encumbrances of any other source contributions.
Through UML Profiles support, Ameos offers an easy way to extend standard UML notation and to adapt it to project-specific needs.