AMEPAdult Migrant English Program
AMEPApplied Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics (degree program; University of Wisconsin-Madison)
AMEPAdult Migrant Education Program (Australia)
AMEPAfrican Middle East Petroleum Co.
AMEPAdvanced Marine Electric Propulsion (motors; California)
AMEPAsymptotic Multi-User Error Probability
AMEPAutomated Missile Engagement Planner
AMEPAssociation for Medical Education in Pakistan
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AMEP head Allan Viray said the heavily anticipated event will be packed with an all-star lineup of Filipino battle rappers from both the Philippines and Taiwan.
"Amep's services need to be more flexible in order to meet the needs of migrants from diverse backgrounds and circumstances," the report said.
The Humber has a ready supply of steel for these turbines with an on-site rail link from AMEP providing direct access to TATA Scunthorpe Steel Mill - which produces enough steel to construct 490 Eiffel Towers per year - and is the home of TATA's wind turbine tower steel plate.
AMEP funds will provide training, advisory support, and
24 January 2012 - BioAlliance Pharma SA (EPA:BIO), a France-based biopharmaceutical company specialising in oncology products, said on Monday that it had submitted to the French drug agency (Afssaps) a Phase I/II clinical trial in the metastatic melanoma and was granted a European patent covering the AMEP product until 2022.
State government does help support several programs that help entrepreneurs and manufacturers, AMEP and Made in Alaska among them.
The genre based pedagogy known as the Teaching Learning Cycle was originally developed by Sydney School genre theorists working with primary and secondary teachers in the Metropolitan East Region of Sydney's Disadvantaged Schools Program (DSP) (Callaghan & Rothery, 1988; Derewianka, 1990) and adapted for adult second language learners by TESOL teachers in the NSW Adult Migrant Education Program (AMEP) (Feez, 1998).
All I did was ask aMEP where is his 10% donation to the party which is what we all signed up for."