AMEPAdult Migrant English Program
AMEPApplied Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics (degree program; University of Wisconsin-Madison)
AMEPAdult Migrant Education Program (Australia)
AMEPAfrican Middle East Petroleum Co.
AMEPAdvanced Marine Electric Propulsion (motors; California)
AMEPAsymptotic Multi-User Error Probability
AMEPAutomated Missile Engagement Planner
AMEPAssociation for Medical Education in Pakistan
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Before tuition begins, AMEP service providers assess each individual's English language skills.
AMEP targets specific receptors (integrins), overexpressed by melanoma cells involved in tumour growth and tumour angiogenesis.
The second component of AMEP is an upgrade of the existing 82,000 t/month Pompora Treatment Plant (PTP) to 100,000 t/month which was completed in October 1993.
Neil Etherington, group development director at Able UK, said: "The AMEP will provide the full range of facilities needed by renewable energy industries, not only creating more than 4,000 direct jobs, but acting as a catalyst for establishing the Humber as the 'Energy Estuary' of the UK.
Stephenson said: "During the public hearings into our plans for AMEP, its significance was compared to the impact of the Nissan development in the North East and this is no exaggeration.
14 September 2011 - French BioAlliance Pharma SA (EPA:BIO) unveiled yesterday preliminary Phase I data with its AMEP biotherapy for advanced or metastatic melanoma.
AMEP offers a spectrum of manufacturing and quality management services for mature businesses aiming to improve their performance and take advantage of opportunities.
The committee said that it investigated allegations that Sevan requested oil allocations from the Iraqi government on behalf of the African Middle East Petroleum Company, a Swiss-based oil trading company known as AMEP.
42), (Note that AMEP volumes through 1844 had only page numbers; from 1845 onward the sections within each year were separately numbered.
The report investigates how computer use has affected teaching in the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program), and whether this is perceived as a change for the better, and it makes a number of recommendations to meet the emerging educational computing needs.
0 have opened up a number of new markets for our services, said Gustavo Arditti, Director Negocio Satelital AMEP Telefonica Global Solutions - Media Networks.